Owie and Ouchie.

I get sick like a boy. Whiney, grumpy, and lazy. Although I’m not really sick, just soooooore.

I wish I knew what I was sore from, because my workouts haven’t been particularly ass-kicking, but I woke up this morning with most of my muscles crinked together and begging for a day off – hence a decision not to run today. Instead I’m penguin-waddling around my suite, “MMPH”ing every time I move a limb, and coming up with excuses for this afternoon to bench myself from playing football with my kiddos (don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m a teacher at an after-school program for the at-risk kids in my city). Excedrin has been my best friend this morning, and I’m not above popping one of the muscle relaxers I have left over from when I pulled my back a few months ago if this soreness doesn’t let up.

But speaking of Excedrin. I Googled it to pull up a picture for the blog, and the results were…quite interesting. I thought this was much more gratuitous than a shot of the bottle:

Apparently that yumminess is Andrew Joiner, a model who filmed a commercial for the brand. My local networks and I are gonna have to have a few words, b’cause whatever commercial that was in was most decidedly not aired on my channels. I would remember.

Thought that would be a little better eye candy than the mushiness that is my breakfast oatmeal.


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