Work Hard, Play Hard(er)

Ack, I’m so sorry for neglecting my posts. I’ve been majorly busy, but who hasn’t? Last night, after a week of may-jah ass-busting for our classes and our jobs, my roomie and I went into Tampa for our first hockey game ever and a Saving Abel concert.

It. Was. Awesome. Cheap seats, cheap sangria, hot guys everywhere…What can I say, I’m easy to please. It was a much-needed night of angry men hitting things, angry men singing things, and general silliness on our behalf.

We didn’t care who won or lost (I pulled for the home team, but the Capitals won 3-1), but we decided that if we didn’t get to see the players get into one good fight, we’d be disappointed. It only took about ten minutes for some guy to get slammed up against the wall and start throwing punches at another player…I’ll just say, if hockey doesn’t work out for him, he should look into boxing – that man had one mean uppercut!

The fight we didn’t quite ask for though was the one right behind us at the concert. We were literally in the second row of people, but apparently it wasn’t close enough for the completely schnockered (side note, isn’t that the best word ever? Love It.) guy who ended up slugging a stranger in the face and got thrown out…but only after spilling his beer on the roomie and I. Oh well, I wore cheap shoes. And I may have gotten a few drops of sangria on the chick in front of me at the game when I jumped up to cheer, forgetting I still had my cup in my hand. She didn’t notice, so no harm, no foul….right?

Bringing it back to fitness a little bit, keep your eyes peeled on Itunes for their new song “Hell of a Ride”. They’re test-driving songs for their new album, so nothing’s been officially released yet, but it has a killer pump-up beat for cardio, and you better believe I’ll download it the second it’s available.

I have the most random tastes in music, my poor Ipod must think I’m schizophrenic. I love alternative rock for interval sprints, hip hop and pop for longer runs, and softer rock, eighties pop, or top 40 tuns for weights and stretching and the like.

Now I’m kind of curious, does anyone else have a preferred musical “type” for each type of workout? Or do you just hit shuffle and hope for the best?

Rock on, loves.


One Comment on “Work Hard, Play Hard(er)”

  1. Danielle (Coffee Run) says:

    I love Saving Abel :DI have a workout playlist that has a bunch of different genres. Sometimes I'm in a pop mood and sometimes I like to listen to rock while my feet are hitting the ground 😉

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