Cheers to new friends and new blogs.

Last night I trekked over to Orlando to be part of the bloggie insanity that descended upon Dexter’s. We took up two tables and over two hours just reveling in the awesomeness that is the Central Florida (and of course, Angie and Eric, the honorary Floridians-for-a-week) blogging community. Everyone was so sweet and friendly and outgoing, and it was so trippy to see these gals outside of the computer screen!

Started the night off with a Leeche Martini:

Isn’t it the most gorgeous shade of pink? So summery!

I was absolutely ravenous by the time I got there, so even though not that many of us were ordering “real” food, I needed a full meal, so I picked a tossed Mediterranean pasta with Kalamata Olives (any dish that throws these suckers in there immediately wins me over), spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and feta (my best vegan intentions go straight out the window when it comes to Greek food). It was good, albeit pretty heavy on the olive oil, as you can see…Regardless, I scarfed it. There may or may not have been some sweet potato chip carnage as well πŸ˜‰

After a couple hours at Dexters, we found a sports bar across the street where everyone else seemed pretty intensely into a basketball game (GO BLUE!), but somehow none of us were really feeling it :/ I ordered a Washington Apple – my absolute favorite! – but when I went to snap a photo my batteries crapped out on me. Totally reminded me that I HAVE TO get a new camera. Something from this decade, preferably. I have a HP Photosmart, and it always does the job (I generally couldn’t give a crap about having up-to-date technology, I spend far too much $ on shoes to constantly buy new gadgets), but I definitely need something more efficient, especially for blogging. I literally just switched over to WordPress today after hearing the raves compared to blogger, so I should probably upgrade the camera too. Do y’all have any recommendations? Something on the cheaper end of the spectrum, if possible πŸ˜‰ I ended up klepto-ing this shot from Angie for documentation of our awesomeness.

Everyone kept asking if I really drove an hour just for the meet up (answer: yes, but with my lead foot, it was a bit closer to forty-five minutes). It was so absolutely worth it though and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Night well spent in my opinion!!!


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