Kids are world’s biggest workout.

I. Am. Pooped.

The host school for the program where I work is on Spring Break, so all my kiddos are in our hands full time. I was up at the butt-crack of dawn doing espresso shots like they were Tequila. I was out the door and in the presence of all my critters by 7 AM, and proceeded to run around after them for the next 10 hours. God bless full-time teachers, because I’m not sure how they do it. I was high-tailing it around leading arts and crafts, monitoring the playground, chaperoning three hours at our local park, participating in an African drum-and-dance circle (that was such a blast, but I’m so seriously not cut out to dance, and my kids dragged me up…embarrassment ensued).

By the time I got home I was dead ravenous and wanted real food, but the only vegetarian option in our gimpy cafeteria was a Teriyaki Tofu and Snap Peas mush. I ate it, but wasn’t thrilled.  I threw that with a small spinach salad and a chocolate chip cookie and called it a night. I also dragged myself over to the gym for two miles of HIIT/ interval sprints. I’m pretty winded, but in a good, this-was-a-way-productive-day kind of way.

I’m going to sleep like a baby. It’s only 8:13 and I’m showered, pajama-fied, and curled up in bed to catch up with some blogs. I feel bad for not having pictures but nothing from the day was exactly photo-worthy, and I would have had no energy to upload them anyways 😉  Hope all your Mondays were smooth and not quite so exhausting!


3 Comments on “Kids are world’s biggest workout.”

  1. Ok, I just got exhausted reading that!!! Haha!

  2. Ohh yeah…kids are totally a huge workout! I worked for 1 entire summer at a camp for disabled the “hill country” of Texas. Let me tell you, pushing those wheelchairs up and down the slopes all day was quite exhausting. I was also in the nature program and took kids fishing and to play with calves and baby goats all day. What I would have given to be one of the arts & crafts girls…

    PS- I’m going to put up a paalak paneer/tofu recipe and also one for channa masala/chole (the chickpea one) soon!

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