You CAN have your dessert and get an ego boost too.

Took my little critters to see the other little critters at the zoo today.

They told me I looked like this guy, which how the hell they got that out of lil’ ol me barely hitting 5’5 I’ll never know…but hey, it’s better than say, a warthog! I’ll take it 😉

They had such a blast! So did I, despite a wee bit of a sunburn on my shoulders (eek!) Seven hours in the Tampa sun, I should have thought to double up on sunscreen! Doh.

Lunch was an experiment of sorts in the continuation of my quest to find a filling bar that’s lower in carbs/sugar than regular CLIF bars. Some of my blogger friends have suggested these Luna bars, and I like ’em quite a bit! Not as filling as the regular CLIF’s,  but I wasn’t expecting it to be. The flavor was delish, too, and my kiddos kept asking for a bite of my “candy bar”. I snacked on an apple, a peach, and some almonds too throughout the day, and managed not to be ravenous come dinner.

I’m skipping my workout today after killing it yesterday with the interval sprints…because…I may or may not have a dessert date with my cute Italian intern 🙂 He’s been a fun flirt buddy lately, and such a confidence booster with some of the things he says…so tonight should be quite fun! With that I’m cutting this post short and going to wash off the stink of the zoo and get myself all cute!


3 Comments on “You CAN have your dessert and get an ego boost too.”

  1. ooh la la! can’t wait to hear about your hot date! I love Luna’s lemon zest flavor!

  2. Nicole says:

    HAHA! I laughed out loud when I read the last line of your blog post! ‘Wash off the stink of the zoo’ is totally something with which I can relate! I liked going to the zoo, but the smell always made me nuts and I could swear the stink seeped into my clothes. I HAD to shower and wash my clothes as soon as I could. I hope your date went well! I love Clif Bars, too, but I know they’re carby and have lotsa sugar. But dang it, they taste so darn good and they fill me up! It’s better than a bag of potato chips, right?!

  3. Hope your dessert date goes well!!! 🙂

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