So I Lied A Little Bit.

So it’s not May 1st yet, I haven’t graduated yet, but I’m back to blogging.

Yesterday was my last day of classes, today is exam day and the due date for all my papers, so my life is regulating out a little bit. Sort of.  I had a major freakout earlier in the week because I was so swamped…there may or may not have been some “five o’clock somewhere” sangria to pull me through it, but nonetheless, I seem to have made it…

Yesterday I went to my very last set of undergrad classes, and last night I pulled my very last college all-nighter! Not all that fun :/ Around 4AM I got a strike of the crazies and took a shnack-attack/goofy-photo-study-break. And yes, that is my roomie’s teddy bear 😉

The face says save me, the jar says eat me.

All of this

Is in the recycling bin…

I’m feeling much more sane…

I’m going to miss this place!

It’s going to be weird not coming crawling home to this every night!

The past two years here totally flew by!

Aaaand on that note I think I’ll stop with the reminiscing for the day and leave a little sappiness for the next couple posts!

All that lies between me and getting outta here is one lousy little Advanced Expository Writing Exam! Those dangling modifiers ain’t got nuffin on this English Major! Happy hump day, y’all…I’m finally feeling like I’m over the hump over here!


One Comment on “So I Lied A Little Bit.”

  1. Sonia says:

    Yay! I’m over that hump too…just have 2 classes and 1 final to go!

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