It’s All a Matter of Taste.

Q:What’s the best idea you can have if you’re a stressed, seriously sleep-deprived woman battling a cold?
A: Why, it’s agreeing to work double your hours for the next several weeks!

I’m not complaining about the chance to get some extra $ – or the chance to work more closely with my boss, who will be writing me a hopefully stellar job recommendation come fall.  I’d like the letter to read something like  “This lady is a determined and talented supermodel/ninja combo who could run Hussein Bolt-caliber circles around any other applicant for this position.” But I digress. I’m sleepy and sneezy, yet “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go”…I’m just the whole freakin Disney movie in one little package!

Don't be jealous, Ariel, I still want to be you.


I just cleaned out my fridge since I move out in two days, thusly lunch was a Subway run, beefed up with some drained kidney beans from our work stash of “food we’re given to pass along to our students but there’s no way in hell they’d ever eat”.  I scarfed half at noon and the other half at 6 just before the hellions little darlings went home.

Some serious sandwichage went down today.

At the Subway, the green peppers looked sooo crispy and crunchy and delish, so I ignored the fact that I. Don’t. Like. Peppers. and ordered them anyways. My tastes have been changing a lot lately, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to give ’em a shot. Yeah, nope. Still gross. Paging Peter Piper, you can have your nasty peck of peppers back.

Persistent dislike of peppers aside, very recently I’ve started craving foods that I have spent the past years vehemently hating and avoiding at all costs. As it turns out, bananas, raw spinach, peanut butter, cooked mushrooms, tea, pudding, and peas aren’t acky after all. On the other hand, I’ve completely lost any appreciation for meat, yogurt, eggs, and popcorn.

Have your tastes ever randomly switched up on you? Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets randomized cravings for things I don’t like! I’m wondering now what I’ll crave if I ever get pregnant! NOT that I have any plans to do so in the near or indeterminate future!

Also, if your tastes are craving something against your dietary decisions – i.e. a vegan craving ice cream or a raw foodie craving a casserole – do you give the food a go? That’s part of the reason I don’t identify as one specific dietary subtype. I practically never eat meat but I love me some sushi, and I know the minute I call myself a vegan I’m going to get world’s biggest hankering for a sundae. Thoughts?


One Comment on “It’s All a Matter of Taste.”

  1. Sonia says:

    I’m right there with you on changing tastebuds! I actually mentioned it in my post today- I used to be UNABLE to eat spicy foods, and now I loove and crave them 🙂

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