Welcome to the world of grocery shopping.

Last night marked my first grocery shopping trip as a “real world” woman! Read: Groceries that aren’t just a supplement to the shiteous unidentifiable grub at the campus cafe. I feel like I did pretty well – lots of produce and very little canned/boxed crap.  In the interest of not immediately irritating my new roommate with the stank that only broccoli can make when it’s cooked, I went for frozen in the broccoli department – everything else was fresh or very minimally processed.

I got home and wasn’t massively hungry, so I tossed together a small spinach salad. I topped it with some carrots, sauteed mushrooms and garlic, hummus, and roasted sunflower seeds for crunch. I absolutely LOVE seeds or nuts to give my salads a crunch.  Juxtaposing (hey hey, check out the fancy English Major word!) it with the creaminess of hummus is a WIN in my book.

I’m having a bit of a quandry here. My mum brought me up an entire case of iced coffee cans. They’re ridiculously good and quite addicting…but…120 calories for a lousy 8 ounces, not to mention 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 19 grams of sugar, and an ingredient list that includes “cellulose gel, sucrose esters of fatty acids, and sodium bicarbonate”. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. I know I can make my own iced coffee far more healthily with straight coffee and almond milk, but…these are quite yummy, and now I have three dozen sitting in my panty. She already informed me I could give them back if I didn’t like them – should I be virtuous and bring them to her when I drive home for Mother’s Day? Or be the gluttonous caffeine addict I feel like being and chug these suckers?


5 Comments on “Welcome to the world of grocery shopping.”

  1. awesome grocery run! That looks EXACTLY like what I would purchase for myself! I even have those Nature Burgers in the pantry! Thanks for reminding me…

  2. OH- I forgot to comment on the iced coffee situation… maybe take most of them back and keep 2 or 3? That way you can enjoy them and they’ll be gone soon. Or, cut them with almond milk- half coffee/half milk?

  3. Susan says:

    Tough, if it was half a dozen I’d say keep ’em, but 12 cans is a lot of cupboard space! I like the idea of keeping a few as treats, and bringing the rest back. Just tell her you don’t need that many, or that you wanted to share the wealth 🙂

  4. greensandjeans says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would give them back, mostly because I haaaaate eating/drinking things just because I feel like I have to!

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