Changes are brewin’ alongside the coffee.

Ahhhh. Mondays are brutal. Especially when your boss quits unexpectedly and you have to meet, impress, and adjust to a new site manager while learning your grant inside and out to gear up for a double-time summer program. Already hit up my Starbucks on the way home to take advantage of Teacher Appreciation day (free tall drip coffee w/teacher ID – HOLLA!), but I’m cranking out a pot of Hazelnut to get me through the rest of the night.

On the note of coffee, I’ve decided to return all of the canned drinks to my mum this weekend. I’m really making an effort to eat clean, and I don’t need to compromise my food standards just because something was a free gift. I’m all for occasional indulgences, but drinking my calories – and my sugar – doesn’t feel like the right way to go about working treats into my diet.

So. About those changes.

  • I’m going to start regularly posting every evening. As of now it’s just been whenever I’ve been inspired to post, but I’m thinking that a bit of structure can’t do anything but improve my blog. I would like to do a themed series each month (or week, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling) in addition to daily eats/exercise, and those posts may come more sporadically, but as far as the “meat” of my blog, it’ll be a nighttime post.
  • Speaking of meat, I’m committing to a 100% vegetarian diet for the month of May, and very possibly beyond that. Grocery shopping yesterday, not one meat item looked even remotely tempting. The only area I’ll be challenged in will be sushi (and as luck would have it I have plans to meet Erin over at a sushi bistro for lunch tomorrow!). I think I can tough it out with veggie roll options, though, especially when they promise avocado 😉
  • I’m launching a “FIVE Challenge”. My goal is to hit five servings of fruits and veggies a day, five glasses of tea or water a day, and five runs a week. Simple enough, no? Join in if you like!
  • NO MORE CALORIE COUNTING. This one is a biggie for me. It’s one of the very last hold-overs from my eating disorder, and over the last several weeks I’ve lightened up on it to the point where I feel I can get away from it entirely. Meals where I don’t count calories are still scary business, and I think part of me will always feel the urge to keep a running tally of my intake. However, I feel much more sane and whole when I can go without maniacally calculating every last nutritional statistic. I’m DONE letting my life be dictated by numbers. Sticking to primarily fresh items should theoretically negate the need to dissect nutritional labels for fat, calorie, and sodium count anyways.
  • I’m on Twitter now! Actually, I have been for a few weeks, but I’m not an obsessive poster. I keep meaning to mention it here but I always forget! Gah :/  Feel free to follow me @ fefranz and then shoot me a comment or a message telling me your username so I can follow you!

Now on to the important stuff – today’s eats!

It seems like the blog world was in cahoots this morning talking about hummus. No seriously, at least half a dozen of y’all were chatting away about the chickpea crack in some form or another, so at 11 I busted out the Sabra and some dehydrated veggies to address the craving that had been festering all A.M. The pre-lunch snackage made a full-on meal seem a little much, so I went with a mini open-faced roasted veggie sandwich. 12-grain toast got brushed with some balsamic vinaigrette and topped with wilted spinach, a sauteed yellow squash, Baby ‘Bellas, and gahhhhhhlic. Just hearty enough to satisfy but just light enough not to stuff!

Dinner was courtesy of my roommate – yellow rice (con pollo for her, plain for me) and black beans with cilantro. My camera decided I was to forgo any pictures of that, though, as my batteries crapped out. Such is life.

Ernyways, time for this chick to settle in with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu and some intense lesson planning. See y’all ’round!


2 Comments on “Changes are brewin’ alongside the coffee.”

  1. Sonia says:

    I love your new goals!! I’m trying to stop calorie counting as well, and I think it’s helping that I’m eating a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables!
    Awesome news about you going veg too! I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂

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