I came, I saw, I DEVOURED!

What a day it’s been! Everything at work has been absolute mayhem since our boss quit – I got moved to our sister site and am temping at the front desk instead of my usual position as glorified snot wiper. I never thought I’d say it, but I miss those kiddos of mine!

The morning started out with my perfect bowl of oatmeal: just slightly undercooked so the oats were still a tad chewy, topped with chocolate whey protein powder, dark chocolate crumbles, and dried cranberries. Antioxidants in the house!

Poor Erin got held up so we had to nix lunch, but I was so stoked for sushi that I stopped in my Publix and grabbed a brown rice veggie roll (carrots, avocado, cucumber) and some seaweed salad. I didn’t even peruse the display, figuring I’d get sidetracked by some shrimp or salmon concoction. Instead I went in with the mindset of grabbing a veggie roll, and heck if that isn’t what I walked out with.

Who misses the meat? Anyone? Bueller?

Do y’all know how to use chopsticks? I remember around this time last year an ex-boyfriend took me out for sushi and I had absolutely no idea how; he tried to teach me, and…I proceeded to drop a piece of sushi in his lap. Which of course wasn’t awkward at all šŸ˜‰ One day, though, I picked up a pair and BOOM, I could use them! So very very strange.

The rest of the day has just been absolute SNACKAGE. I didn’t even want a real full-on dinner (what’s been up with that lately!?!?). There were tangerines, kalamata olives, dried apples and apricots, flatout wraps with hummus, wilted spinach with honey mustard (I have a very sad dependency on honey mustard, probably from two years of covering any and all cafeteria food in it to mask its real taste!) and of course, chocolate.

On a side note, halfway through the day, I was tallying up my fruit and veggie intake, and I totally realized: I was replacing one counting activity (calories) with another, only the latter came under the guise of a healthy challenge. I’ve realized that it’s another food obsession in the making, and that I really don’t need to even go down that road. And seriously, if I’m going to be vegetarian, damn straight I’ll be getting in all the fruits and veggies I need. So that’s the end of that little endeavor…


One Comment on “I came, I saw, I DEVOURED!”

  1. Sonia says:

    omg the oatmeal looks goooood! and the sushi too! I always get it with just veggies inside. Not even imitation crab meat, haha!
    I think that as long as you’re vegetarian, and eating healthy things, you’ll get all the fruits and veg you need. I never have a problem with that!

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