A Watched Mango Never Ripens.

Good.Ness. I’ve had two mangoes sitting out on my kitchen counter since Sunday and I’ve been waiting ever so impatiently twiddling my thumbs while they take their sweet time ripening. It’s become part of my morning routine… wake up, check my facebook, trod downstairs and grope the mangoes…

This morning one finally seemed good to go!

Good morning, sunshine, my mouth says hello.

With oatmeal squares and almond milk. Such a happy breakfast.

I literally had fifteen minutes to make and consume lunch in between eighty BILLION errands and leaving for work, so I pulled together a basic wrap: whole wheat Flatout, Sabra roasted garlic hummus, a grilled zucchini and a grilled summer squash (ate the extras on the side), and a blend of mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and more garlic. I managed to construct it and scarf it with just enough time to brush the garlic outta my breath before heading out the door!


Plus    =                                               

Post-run, I tried the Green Monster again.  MUUUUCH BETTER!

Turns out it was the green smoothie add-in that was Funky with a capital W.T.F. – I switched that out for some chocolate Slimfast powder that I’m trying to use up and threw in a few handfuls of ice. I’m officially a convert. I guess the moral of the story is not to go switching up a recipe before you’ve even made it, no?

So. Hot topic for y’all.

About an hour ago, I got quite the sweet attack. Mind you, this happens to me nearly every night. I’m not hungry, just munchy, with a specific mind for something chocolate. For graduation, I received an Arnold Schwarzenneger sized jar of peanut butter M&Ms. Tonight, as I’ve done for the past several nights, I dipped into this jar and “treated myself” to a good two or three dozen pieces. As I caught myself hand-to-mouth, I realized that I was doing myself no good at all having them around, as I obviously have may-jah portion control issues, so I proceeded to bring the rest to the dumpster.

I seriously hate wasting anything, food included. Deep into my eating disorder, however, I would frequently pour lysol/bleach/perfume/etc…onto food so I literally could not continue to eat it. As I was walking the candy out to my dumpster, I couldn’t help but wonder if what I was doing was reverting back to eating disordered impulses. What I did with the bleach over dinner was at a point where I was depriving myself of more than a few bites of basic meals, but I felt that in tonight’s case, where I was properly fed and simply mindlessly eating, this food destruction was a horse of a different color entirely.

What would you have done? If you do not trust yourself with portion control, would you/have you physically removed food(s) from your presence to keep yourself from mindlessly and unnecessarily munching? Do you find this to be an unhealthy practice when it comes to “treat” or “splurge” food?


2 Comments on “A Watched Mango Never Ripens.”

  1. Sonia says:

    hehe I love this post title!
    About the m&ms… that’s a tough problem! I too hate to waste food and will eat stuff just to use it up..esp on weekends for some reason. This is going to sound weird, but I have a “safe zone” for stuff like that- the freezer! I don’t know why, but for some reason when I put certain things in the freezer, they are Off Limits. I seriously have FIVE UNOPENED boxes of Girl Scouts cookies in my freezer right now. I also have the regular frozen veggies etc in there that I eat regularly. For some reason I never think about the cookies and I’m never tempted to open them… I think it’s a way that I test my willpower. I always have at least one thing in the house that’s “off limits” to me, and I don’t touch it. Before the cookies arrived, it was a Toffee Power Bar. I feel really good about myself for not eating that One Thing. I don’t know if that’s healthy or not, or what it says about me…but it helps me a little.

  2. Danielle says:

    haha I’ve been thinking the same thing with my avocado…it’s taking forever!

    hmm that’s a tough one. Personally, I think throwing food away is a less effective solution to the real problem- i.e. using food for security/comfort/a way to entertain. Plus, I just hate seeing things go to waste! Maybe you could portion it out into smaller bags?

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