I got nothin’ as far as titles go.

I don’t like eggs. This is probably the direct result of too many bad experiences with my mother’s so-runny-you-can-drink-’em-eggs and fake-egg omelet-cakes at my university. Nope, not for me, no gracias.

Until this morning. I woke up with the most MIGHTY egg craving ever. I tried to talk myself into cereal, oatmeal, even a Clif bar, but I. Wanted. Eggs. Of course, I didn’t buy any when I was grocery shopping because in all seriousness, it’s probably been five years since I’ve even cooked eggs myself.

Graciously, my roomie lent two of hers to my cause, and I scrambled away, along with some asparagus. Somehow, eggs and asparagus seemed like a good pairing.

Ohhhhh was it ever. I scooped up bites with half an unpictured flat-out wrap.

Not filling in the slightest though. Between breakfast and lunch I had a cup of almond milk, a mango, and a cup of Oatmeal squares. I’m sure there will be much more snackage going on for the rest of the day – I can just feel it in the air.

I know this is an early post, and it’s cutting my day in half, but I’m leaving right after work to visit with family for the weekend, being Mother’s Day and all. Happy Mother’s Day to all y’all that are mothers, and wish me luck while I subject myself to two days with mine 😉


4 Comments on “I got nothin’ as far as titles go.”

  1. Love eggs and asparagus!! Have a lovely weekend!:)

  2. somtimes u gotta honor your cravings 🙂 i did the very same with scrambled egg myself!

  3. Katy says:

    Actually, one of my favorite breakfasts is to chop the asparagus and scramble it WITH the eggs! I know, living on the wild side. And maybe throw in a little bit of feta. MMMM!

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