I’m not dead I swear…

I’m assuming that at some point over this ridiculously booze-soaked wedding weekend I must have broken a mound of mirrors while walking under a ladder in front of a black cat or something.

I killed my camera. Dr. Doogie Perry McSteamyHouse, M.D. wouldn’t have been able to nurse it back to health. I Amazoned (yes, I just made that into a verb) a new one, which should be here in 4-11 days…so…eat a lot of goodies for me while I twiddle my thumbs over here? And by twiddle my thumbs… I mean put in 12 hour workdays…


One Comment on “I’m not dead I swear…”

  1. sonia says:

    oh no!!
    I ruined a camera a few years ago by having it dangling on my wrist as I spilled box wine out of a spigot onto it…
    Don’t worry I’ll eat lots of goodies for you…eating GS cookies now- I dedicate them to you!

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