So I Lost My Yoga Virginity.

Oh yes, that was extremely good for me, thank you very much πŸ˜‰

I was all blissed out and chill for the entire afternoon…even though Orlando drivers are absolutely MADDENING!

The class was far less scary than I’d imagined it to be. The Lululemon girls were all so friendly, and Ryan even made an appearance!

I was actually a lot more flexible than I expected. I know I didn’t get all of the poses quite right, but that seems to be the beauty of yoga – it doesn’t matter if you don’t pull off a pose textbook-perfectly, it’s more about challenging yourself and then flowing with what feels best for your body. And lemme tell ya, most of what we did felt ah.mah.zing.

I’ve been so tense lately, and although switching to a bigger bed/better mattress has alleviated a lot of my back pain, there’s still a lot of crinking going on back there. Several of the poses we did really gave it a good streeetch!

Image Source: Yoga Therapy Center

Spending that hour outside just added to the experience – as cheesy as it sounds, the sun shining on my skin and the waterfalls in the background gave it a really calming, relaxing dimension…plus it gave a perfect excuse to hydrate post-session with a brilliant Iced Chai that I have big plans to replicate (and veganize/de-sugarize for sure!) at home!

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I’m definitely game for some studio sessions, although in reality I may have to settle for some online demos for frugality’s sake. I learned a good bit just in today’s one-hour session though, so I’m eager to see what else I can pick up.

Ready to pop your yoga cherry?

  • Do a little research going in. In typical Faith fashion, I didn’t prepare at all for the class. Thinking about it though, I would have been better off having shown up with at least a working knowledge of the terms. Instead of hearing the instructions and flowing from pose to pose, I had to keep looking up to see what the others were doing. I’d suggest looking up some of the basic poses before you show up for your first class.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up. At several points our instructor asked us if we had a specific pose we wanted to move into. Now I know I’m the newest of newbies, but I *have* unwittingly gone into the Wheel before when I was trying to obliterate PMS cramps. I really enjoy that pose, and I thought about suggesting it, but was actually too intimidated to. If I’d been able to speak up and request that move, I could have possibly gotten a bit more benefit for my back. Whether you’re not quite able to mimic a pose, you’re feeling a strain that you think is more than just an unused muscle getting a wakeup call, or you have a request for the instructor, don’t be scared to stretch those vocal muscles too!
  • Ditch your expectations about yoga itself. I’ve been the queen of excuses not to do it. Even here on the blog I was freaking out about not having the patience to sit in one spot for so long! A lot of the reasons I talked myself out of trying yoga in the first place weren’t even close to true.
  • Don’t you DARE underestimate yourself! This one should go without saying. Still…I went into the class thinking, “I’m barely going to be able to keep up!” I did miss a couple beats, but it wasn’t a big deal at all. In the long run, I was a lot more flexible than I thought I was, and the poses came more naturally than I’d expected. I wish I hadn’t been so worried about not doing it “right” or as well as the other girls! That’s not in the spirit of yoga at all.

All my little yoginis: What’s your favorite pose? I really like Halasana; it’s easier than it looks, and it hits all those muscles in the back of your knees/thighs that I always forget to stretch before I run!

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4 Comments on “So I Lost My Yoga Virginity.”

  1. Sonia says:

    sounds like you had a blast! I need to do some downloads from πŸ™‚ At least I think that’s the site…
    My fave pose (I don’t remember what it’s called) is where you are cross-legged and stretching your torso to the side…something in the name of the pose might be about a cow?? sigh…

  2. Laura says:

    Good to hear you enjoyed your first yoga class πŸ™‚ I know it’s a little intimidating at first, but trust me it gets easier as you go along!

    I’d have to say my favourite pose is One Legged King Pigeon Pose. We carry so much tension in our hips and this pose just squeezes all the badness out.

    Hope you’ll be a regular attendee at lululemon’s complimentary yoga classes!

    GEC Online Community
    lululemon athletica

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment today! My favorite yoga pose? Happy baby. Look this up and do it – great for releasing the lower back. My boyfriend didn’t believe there was actually a yoga pose called “happy baby.” I told him he was missing out.

  4. I tried yoga for the first time in January and ever since I’ve been completely hooked. I began with hot yoga and switched to doing yoga at home because I hadn’t time to go to the classes – busy spring. But I’ve come to realise I like doing yoga at home a lot, it gives me the opportunity to do it exactly when I want to do it and not thinking about schedules. Check out YogaDownload! of course I went to classes for several months before switching, otherwise I think it would be quite hard to follow the online classes, on need some basic knowledge πŸ™‚

    Recently I’ve fallen in love with Aeroplane and Cobra poses πŸ™‚

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