In Search of a Yoga Home

After my whole shpeal about listening to your body when it comes to skipping workouts, I found myself needing my own advice again yesterday. I actually *wanted* to go for a run, but I was literally falling asleep on the way home. Instead of fighting with myself to push for a couple miles, I made a game day call to make tonight a yoga night instead.

Google being the trusty friend that it is, I started off the night with this video, which was a sample clip via Youtube from the website

It was actually almost exactly what I wanted! The poses were simple enough (although Prayer Twist and I did NOT get along!). The narration was nice and detailed without rambling, and I was able to close my eyes and learn from the step-by-step instruction rather than tipping my head up every few seconds to check the screen. I got so into it that after the ten minutes were over and the streaming stopped, I stayed in the pose for a good minute assuming the video was just loading…and was immensely disappointed when I realized it was done.

I followed it up with a second one from the same company. From the opening line of this one, I was hooked. “Learn how to listen to your body” – perfection! This one made me extremely sleepy though, definitely not a perker-upper! It also made me realize just how un-graceful I am! Hopefully picking up some yoga will help me out in that department 😉

I ducked on over to their official site afterwards and am considering a monthly subscription…although before I commit, I think I want to check around for what else is out there! (I’m not a commitmentphobe, I swear!) Do you guys have any yoga websites – free or otherwise – that you recommend for a beginner?

I’m so ready for el camera to get here…should be any day now! A sweet coworker brought me a half dozen plums that are just sitting here in the LaC kitchen, basking in their fibery, phyto-nutrienty glory, begging me to do something fun with them for the blog! I have a few cockamamie schemes up my sleeve, but I have yet to decide which direction I want to take it yet. I s’pose I can make the final decision when I tackle the UPS delivery man and wrench my camera from his hands I come home to my package!

Happy Hump Day!


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