Supermodels got Nothin’ on Us.

If you’re not already familiar with the YumYucky blog, fix that. Immediately.

Josie’s recent post about finding “real” inspiration was incredibly poignant. As I read it, it really hit home.

During my eating disorder, I was perfectly thrilled with the media’s innundation of “thinspiration”; I poured through my fashion magazines and pulled out pages of bikini-clad celebrities with physiques I convinved myself I could emulate if only I skipped one more meal or pounded out on more hour on the treadmill.

While I still may find those women’s physiques are still impressive, impressed,  is as much emotion as those cover images can invoke. I run for so much more than caloric burn, and when I’m toughing through a stretch of my run where I’m dying to quit, an airbrushed actress is not the image that keeps me going. It doesn’t resonate with me on any level; it doesn’t make me want to be better or encourage me to push harder.

My motivation is not in those processed images on the pages of those magazines.

It’s in every stranger that looks up from the sidewalk as we pass each other and exchange a empathic glance and a weary smile in a moment of instant solidarity as runners. I’m tired too, but we can make it. We got this. It’s in the group of walkers who crack me up by giving the “all hail” bow or a thumbs up as I jog by.

It’s in the elderly man, clearly on the tail end of his sixties, chugging along at an incredibly respectable pace. It’s in the weary single mother, still in her scrubs, trailing behind her five young rambunctious children. It’s in the small cluster of army recruits, schlepping along as they chant in cadence. It’s in the two amputees racing each other in their manual wheelchairs. It’s in the young father pushing his newborn twins in a double stroller. It’s in the middle-aged woman encouraging her teenage son to keep up with her.

I pass each of those people every night, and they are the ones that fuel my resolve. They are the people who make fitness a priority and a reality within the confines of real life. If they can do it, I certainly can. I can’t say the same thing about cover models. Heck, if Gisele can, I can too! All I need is a personal trainer, empty days to dedicate to working out, five star food prepared and served to me, and the unlimited cash to finance it! Give me a break.

It’s in us. We are the inspirations.


3 Comments on “Supermodels got Nothin’ on Us.”

  1. love this post! I agree- the thing that makes me run the extra mile or spend another 20 minutes lifting weights isn’t the model in the magazine- it’s how I actually FEEL about myself! If anything, those pics are discouraging!

  2. Loved this post 🙂 To me, running and body image/eating are 2 separate parts of the brain. Running should be about enjoying the environment, challenging yourself, and sorting out your thoughts. I think if it were all about the calorie burn, it would be boring and miserable! Not to mention, we should be eating to exercise, not the other way around 🙂

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    WoW! you, Lovely, have just inspired ME. I know the stranger glance, and the old man running, and the father strolling his beautiful babies.

    And you know what? My now 14-year old son used to follow behind me while running with a “hey, wait up, mom!”, But now he’s sooo far ahead. He actually has to slow down so I can keep up.

    Let’s keep on inspiring one another. This post is awesome. 🙂

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