I’ll Tell Ya What I Want, What I Really Really Want

I want to drink my weight in these:

The promised Plummy Pond Sludge: 1 large ‘naner, 1 large plum, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 3 ounces pineapple juice, 1 tbs wheat germ, 1 scoop of AloeRed nutritional supplement, a crap ton of ice. EPIC.

I want to know if AloeRed has any legit nutritional benefits or if it’s just fizzy fruit powder…

I’m leaning towards the latter, but either way, it was a sample my roomie gave me to try, the ingredients seemed pretty safe, and it gave the smoothie a tropical twist, so I’m not complaining.

I DEFINITELY want some more of this

Mashed cauliflower. The best part is that it’s foolproof: steam 1 head of cauliflower for about a half hour, mash with a potato masher, mix in 1 tbsp margarine and parsely, pepper, garlic powder, and table salt to taste. DOMINATE and repeat as needed.

I want (need?) some chocolate, some coffee, and some sweatpants. It’s been a long week! I know for a fact I need this three day weekend!

And, most importantly, I want to stop naming my posts after obnoxious old-school songs, regardless of how much they remind me of my childhood!

Bustin’ out the good old hypothetical genie game: You get three wishes…what is it that YOU want right now?


2 Comments on “I’ll Tell Ya What I Want, What I Really Really Want”

  1. sonia says:

    hmm what do I want??
    1. A shopping spree!!!
    2. to be on vacation at a tropical beach location
    3. another 3 wishes 🙂

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