The Great Green Smackdown – Part Two

When I woke up, there was only one thing on my mind, and it was tall, dark, and handsome. 😉

Do Stupid Things Faster and With More Energy!

I like it strong, I like it steamy, I like it with just a touch of sweet…

Is anyone else just now noticing too that describing an ideal man and an ideal cup of coffee use a lot of the same adjectives?

And – again, the same could be said here about the men I tend to go for – yesterday’s breakfast looked much better than it really was.

Breakfast parfait with Dannon’s plain Greek yogurt, oats, blackberries, and almonds.

I know there are better brands of Greek yogurt out there, but I snagged the Dannon because, well heck, because it was cheap. No shame in being a broke-azz just-out-of-college kid. Regardless, it was awfully bitter, even for a plain yogurt, and as much as I like raw oats in yogurt, it failed. The blackberries and almonds were left to redeem the whole meal.

Round Two of the G.G.S. was a rousing success, however.

Vibrant Health’s “Field of Greens”made its way into the ring, and it emerged right away as a solid contender. It’s even milder in flavor than the Kyo*Green, and I honestly swear it made the fruitiness of the smoothie more bold. The same echinacea-y scent was there in the FoG, but you don’t really notice it unless you have your nose in the baggie in the name of “blog research”. I tend to cook with my hands and not with my face, so it’s not a big ish in the grand scheme of things.

The ingredients list is pretty ferocious to boot. It packs alfalfa grass whole-leaf powder, alfalfa grass juice powder, barley grass whole-leaf powder, barley grass juice powder, oat grass whole-leaf powder, oat grass juice powder, wheat grass whole-leaf powder, wheat grass juice powder, alfalfa sprout powder, parsley powder, collard powder, kale powder, broccoli sprout powder, and spinach powder. Long story short, a powdered (and 100% raw/organic!) form of every green I could possibly think of 😉

Only downside? It’s $28.95 for a 15-packet box. That’s going to ring in at almost $60 in one month, for just the smoothie powder. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic for my budget. Le sigh. One of these days…

Speaking of which: I have a MASSIVE interview in three hours. Part of me feels like I’m a shoe-in, but the other part knows that there are a lot of other more qualified interviewees. I’m royally FREAKING. I actually haven’t told anyone (oh, other than you, the entire internet) about it because I’d rather not deal with explaining the letdown if I’m not chosen for the position. I’ve just gotta keep breathing, walk in there with confidence, and rock the interview. I keep on repeating my favorite quote in my head:

“The sense of danger must not disappear…Look if you like, but you will have to leap”. – W.H. Auden.

Life is always going to present some scary things, and part of growth is working with the healthy fear. Complacency is not an option. You can’t let the fear of the unknown or the fear of something seeming impossible keep you from attempting something. You can spend your time brooding in the fear, but sooner or later you’re going to have to take a leap of faith and let things play out as they will. What’s the worst that can happen?


2 Comments on “The Great Green Smackdown – Part Two”

  1. sonia says:

    haha love the coffee/man descriptions… Make mine a tall/skinny latte! haha

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