Madame Blueberry

Y’all, I seriously just tried to plug my phone into my computer with my camera’s USB cord. Must mean it’s time for coffee 😉

Or, better yet…a blue monster (which my camera decided was less important than the plant. Silly technology.)

You know you work with kids when you wake up with a veggie tales song stuck in your head…but I went with the Madame Blueberry inspiration for breakfast:

Banana, 1/3 cup local blueberries, spinach, almond milk, wheat germ, scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, ice, and a handful of dark chocolate chips just for the hell of it.

The chocolate chips don’t blend in all the way, so I got lots of little surprise chunks mid-sip. No complaints, though no complaints at all 😉

It’s ominously overcast, but I’m ignoring that and heading out for a run. My body says it’s game for a real push, and I know better than to turn down the burst of energy! I brought along another Operation Beautiful note to attach to the water coolers on a bench at the trail:

You’ve got the whole day ahead of you. Go be inspiring.


4 Comments on “Madame Blueberry”

  1. Samantha says:

    That smoothie looks delicious! And I really love the OpBeautiful note. I hope I find one out there someday 🙂

  2. I really like Operation Beautiful, great notes! 🙂

  3. Love the Operation Beautiful note! I need to get into the hang of posting them more frequently 🙂 The chocolate chunks in that smoothie sound amazing, blueberries + dark chocolate = perfect, antioxidant-rich way to start your day!!

  4. sonia says:

    haha, sometimes I try to control the tv with my phone!

    Great note 🙂

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