Kick As…phalt.

Lost: One girl’s running mojo.

Or maybe I just misplaced it. Not that I have a track record for misplacing things. At all. Now why the hell is there a battery charger in my bed?

Last seen in Central Florida on Sunday morning. Yesterday’s run was weeeeeeeeeeeak.

I’ll blame it on the weather:

Dull and stormy is far more conducive to a nap, methinks.

I’ll blame it on the ‘tunes:

Somehow the cover says everything.

Horrible. Epically horrible. Do not; I repeat – DO NOT – be fooled by Sherzinger’s abs. Bad, bad, very bad, irredeemably bad, horrid. (I hated it, in case you couldn’t tell.)

I’ll blame it on the yoga.

Yes, that's a shag rug I'm lying on. A real mat is the first thing on my list of things to buy with my next paycheck.

All throughout my run, I was far more interested in a good yoga sesh. I may or may not be addicted.

Today it’s gorgeous out and I’m bound and determined to have a good, strong run.

I fueled up several hours ago with a big, sweet breakfast:

Oatmeal, a baked apple, peanut butter/almond milk sauce, wheat germ, almonds.

I took a preemptive strike on my yoga addiction with a 45 minute Hatha groundwork video from

The wants-to-be-an-ipod-when-it-grows-up is loaded with what very possibly might be my favorite CD ever:

Sourced from Music Direct

It’s the perfect blend of fast-tempo pop-rock beats, catchy choruses, and powerful lyrics with some serious application.

From Hairline Fracture: I walk on wounds that seldom prove to slow me down…that drain us mile after mile…how can we indemnify ourselves if we don’t face what we’re against?

From The Dirt Whispered: We can’t spend our whole lives waiting to live…

From Re-education Through Labor: We sow the seeds that see us through, our days are precious and so few, we all reap what we are due…

Seriously amazing C.D. Plus, the guys in the band are vegetarians. I don’t consider myself a PETA person at all, but their ad is interesting nonetheless:

Sourced from Peta2

Long story short? I’m going to go own today’s run. Nuff’ said.

How do you claim your mojo back?


One Comment on “Kick As…phalt.”

  1. Good luck on your run!! I listened to Rise Against nonstop a few summers ago and now all their music reminds me of being at the beach…not a bad memory! It’s neat that they’re vegetarians too!

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