Tangy Taste Bud Overdrive

Remember this guy?

Sourced from candyaddict.com

I was thinking about candies I used to eat as a child and this was definitely one of my favorites! Do they still make them anymore? I never see them in the store. It’s probably for the best – I used to down them two or three at a time!

The Warhead memories got me in the mood for something tart, and dinner was heavy on the lemon infusion.

It started with a simple Lemon Pepper Baked Tofu (recipe here at savvy vegetarian). I didn’t have soy sauce on hand (blasphemy, I know!), so I improvised with the closest salty/briny liquid I had: Kalamata Olive juice.

Luckily, I got this craving early and had time for the tofu to marinate for two hours. The longer it has time to sit and absorb, the better it turns out in my opinion. I find that an hour and a half or more is generally ideal.

When I flipped the tofu, I sprinkled the top with some fresh lemon zest that I finely minced, as well as some roasted sesame seeds for some crunch.

It only seemed appropriate to lemon-ize my green beans too. I love how versatile citrus flavors are and how “fresh” it can make a dish.

Are these or are these not perhaps the greatest vegetable known to man?

Unlike the Warheads, one thing I can’t for the life of me remember eating – ever – is barley. Equal opportunity carbist that I am, I snagged some with high hopes. Instead, it left me with a question:

Why have I not made this sooner?

I cooked it according to package directions with a heaping helping of minced garlic, parsley, and a bit of sea salt. For the record, barley is incredible. I can’t think of another grain that has such a simultaneously chewy and fluffy texture.

What was your favorite candy as a kid?


11 Comments on “Tangy Taste Bud Overdrive”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! They still are my favorite non-gourmet candy. 🙂 I have a tough time resisting the PB and chocolate combo.

  2. OMG kalamata olive juice? where do you find such wonders??

    i loved m&ms as a little kid 🙂

    • Faith says:

      I actually have a jar of whole Kalamata olives in my fridge, and I measured out a little bit of the brine they pack the olives in!

  3. I used to love those peachy-o rings…and Swedish fish! 🙂

  4. definitely twix. can’t even imagine eating that now, chemicals galore eww!!!

  5. I used to love warheads too. I remember feeding one to one of my yiayia’s poor friends after promising that it was “just a mint.” The poor guy (who was about seventy) nearly exploded and I got in so much trouble, hahaha.

    I have always and will always be a huge fan of licorice and nibs. And black jujubes/jellybeans (I’m one of those ^~). Now I stick to organic dark chocolate and dried mangos when I’m in the mood for a candy fix.

    Great eats girl! Love the citrus here ❤

  6. Your dish looks amazing! I love lemon in all dishes, it really makes them frsh!

  7. Sarah (cocoanutshakes) says:

    I just remembered how I used to eat Warheads with my best friend, but I was such a wimp that I soaked them in water first to get rid of the super sour part. SAD!!! Other than that I was obsessed with chocolate covered peanuts and sour tape (in the bins at the grocery store).

  8. I used to eat warheads like they were going out of style at this data entry job I had. They would make my mouth hurt so much I would stay awake. That is how boring this job was. Good memories. 😉

    Dinner looks good. I will have to give the olive juice a little try!

  9. Wow, just looking at the Warheads image brought me back my childhood and made my mouth water! My favorite candy as a kid was all candy!

  10. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    I haven’t seen warheads in so long! good memories

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