Like a foodie in a produce shop.

Counting down to the weekend? 😉 I know none of you would EVER do that!

I’m not ready to go back to work Monday! I’m enjoying these free days far too much 🙂 Today I was feeling adventurous and decided to take our main highway in the opposite direction from where I usually head.

Not even five minutes up the road, I stumbled across a mini foodie paradise, a.k.a. Walker’s Produce Stand.

I love local produce stands! I’m forever craning my neck at them whenever I see one, although I’m usually on my way somewhere with no time to duck in!

I wasn’t sure where to start!

In the absolutely GORGEOUS array of colorful veggies?

Or at my personal fave, massive mounds of locally grown tomatoes from a town only about an hour away?

Visions of spaghetti sauces were dancing through my head 😉

The owners also hooked me up with a root veggie I’d never heard of before:

Apparently this critter is a malanga – a starchy, tropical root veggie similar to a sweet potato. I’m thinking somewhere under that ugly exterior is a perfect candidate for oven fries…

I brought home a substantial amount of goodies, including these lovelies:

I’ve already got big plans for them, and it’s NOT guacamole! Alright, some of it may be guacamole…(you know I can’t resist!), but tonight’s dinner is using them in a different way! Any guesses what’s up my sleeve? 😉

Do you have any local produce stands, and if you do, do you frequent them?


7 Comments on “Like a foodie in a produce shop.”

  1. Therese says:

    YUM! Where I live there are TONS and, like you, I always pass them on the way to something else and can’t stop. I should try and make a concerted effort to head to them more as they’re often cheaper than grocery stores!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I love the array of colors at produce stands! So pretty. But that malanga looks slightly terrifying. I’m curious to see what you do with it and how it tastes! Regardless of their looks, new veggies are always fun to try out.

  3. I love farmstands! I usually only have access to the in the summer, but luckily there is one just 2 miles from me!

  4. I love going to farmers’ markets and local produce stands. My grandpa is actually a farmer and has a roadside produce stand. 🙂

  5. Wow!! That fruit stand is awesome!! Take me with you next time? lol I’m excited to see what you do with avocados BESIDES guacamole – personally, they never last long enough to satisfy my gauc fever for me to try them in anything else (:

  6. greensandjeans says:

    I got tricked into buying so many fruits and veggies at the store today because it was all so cheap and GOOD looking! Of course, it stops being cheap when you buy as many as I did… oops.

  7. Oh, everything looks so good! I wish we had more of locela produce stands, but we actually only have them in the city centre at the market place.

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