I speak from experience when I say…

..that it is not necessary, nor  is it advisable, to consume an entire pot of coffee at two A.M. I don’t care if you’re thirsty. I don’t care if it sounds good. I don’t care if it’s organic, fair trade, locally grown, brewed with the sparkling tears of virgin unicorns from Narnia. Put that shit down. This is what happens:

Well, that’s what happened last time. This time there was no university campus to explore with a roommate. This time I decided to pull everything out of my closet and reorganize. By season. And style. And color. While the rest of the world slept. Yay, caffeine.

…that papaya has absolutely no flavor whatsoever. Nor are the seeds something you will ever want to pop into your mouth, for any reason whatsoever. Regardless of how much they look like a fruit-derived caviar.

Are my taste buds broken? I had such high hopes for a banana papaya smoothie…yet nothing. Absolutely nothing.

…Speaking of smoothies. Spring mix is NOT a good choice. I’d only made it about halfway (if that) through a Sam’s Club box that was on it’s last legs, and rather than chuck it, I chugged it. No bueno.

…that Cavo’s Dark Nights, Bright Days album is GENIUS. If you’re in the market for a new CD to work out to, go Itunes it immediately. At the very least, snag Champagne and Cavo for three minute nuggets of pulse-pounding perfection that are the perfect soundtrack for push-to-the-limit sprinting.

…that when you’re bumbling around in the kitchen and you hear a crash, assume the worst.  Assume that your clumsy ass has just managed to knock over a glass and your precious mini blender, sending both to an early grave.

Rest in peace, baby Hamilton Beach. How am I going to get by without you? Eff, does this mean blender shopping? That must mean going into a kitchen electronics department, which inevitably means drooling over eighty gadgets, putting seventy into my cart, realizing I can’t afford sixty five of them, and leaving with four more things than I walked in for.

…That I need to go for a run before my head explodes. I’ve taken two rest days just because I’ve been mentally drained, and I’m ready to get back onto the pavement!

I want to know: what did your Saturday experiences teach you?


17 Comments on “I speak from experience when I say…”

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think papaya doesn’t taste like anything either. It sounds like it would be fantastically sweet and exotic-tasting, but it’s just kind of blah.

    My Saturday experiences have taught me that a rainy day is best spent on a couch, watching tv and relaxing. 🙂 Sometimes, a girl has to enjoy being lazy.

  2. Nicole says:

    Papaya really doesn’t have a big taste, the first time I tried it I was so excited but it wasn’t anything wow, and my saturday was lazy and I was sore from working out so it taught be to relax on the couch and make whole wheat pancakes for breakfast 🙂

  3. Ayla says:

    Okay, it’s official- you have awesome taste in music! Rise against and Cavo?? I saw RA in concert- so good!! Lessons learned on saturday…. Red bull as a mixer (or at all. Ever). I know, I know theres no excuse.

    • Faith says:

      Wow, SO jealous that you got to see RA! I think they’re one of my top three favorite bands ever! I went recently to see Saving Abel and holy CRAP they were amazing! Eek with the Red Bull too…that stuff is jack nasty, I don’t care what you chase it with!

  4. ugg, sorry the papaya was a bust. i’m not a fan of it, tastes like jicama to me…which tastes like uh, nothing.

    and yay for kitchen gadget shopping! always fun!

  5. papaya tastes like nothing. but then again, avocado didn’t taste like anything until about six months ago. maybe one day… : )
    my saturday experience taught me that sitting in a car from 7 am to 4 pm, driving 600 miles, and only stopping one time….. is TORTURE. my butt was insanely numb.

  6. greensandjeans says:

    I TOTALLY agree with you on the papaya thing! I keep wanting it to be so much more, but it just isn’t. My Saturday experience taught me that I can’t expect chugging 2 liters of water in 5 minutes will help make up for not drinking water all day. ughhhh

  7. Katie says:

    EEwww, papaya is probably the only fruit in this world that I don’t like. Also – I used to drink coffee pots late at night in college, too. Haha, lesson learned. 🙂

    Sometimes I get really thirsty before bedtime and then accidentally chug massive amounts of water – and then I’m up every hour peeing. No bueno.

  8. sophia says:

    Oh, you’ve got to try the smaller papaya in Hawaii…those are REALLY good. Can’t be compared to the ones you get in the U.S!

  9. My Saturday taught me that… I am a huge waste of life and need to be more productive on the weekends 🙂 actually scratch that, that is a horrible life lesson. I am going to come up with a better one…

  10. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear says:

    My Saturday taught me that no amount of strawberry margaritas will cure your flu 😀

  11. I applaud your efforts in trying the spring mix. 🙂 Papaya doesn’t ring my bell either.

  12. I got a generic wanna be magic bullet for like $20 at Macy’s and it works wonders. Spring mix sounds kinda icky in a smoothie and I’ve yet to attempt kale…

    An entire pot of coffee at 2am is ONLY advisable if you have a paper to write, due the next morning…

  13. Haha I love this post! RIP little hamilton blender! It’s such a travesty…

    This saturday I learned the following:
    1. Don’t start drinking at 2pm if you plan on making it to 2am
    2. Definitely don’t consider going to the bar a good idea after 6 hours of beer relays
    3. When your boyfriend is carrying you to bed because you’re too drunk to make if up the steps without breaking your neck, you realize you maybe should have politely declined that last shot when the bar was closing – even if you were just trying to be nice

  14. Marieke says:

    I never had papaya before! I must say it looks great. They don’t grow in the UK as far as I know and they never sell them much in the supermarket.

    Regarding the coffee, I get all shaky and hyper after one cup of strong coffee. Coffee lightweight! Hehe.

    Alycia – I know what you mean. Shots are evil. Period. But a must sometimes 😉

  15. Danielle says:

    haha it’s definitely not a good idea to consume caffeine anywhere near bedtime (even if you’re like me and thought you were “immune” to it. nopeee.)

    I don’t like papaya either. You expect a sweet yet tart tropical treat and then you bite into it…

  16. dailygoods says:

    i actually don’t like papaya at all either! i try to bc it’s supposed to be really good for you… but i just don’t 🙂 haha

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