My Own Personal Mecca

Whether you want to call me a bad blogger or a lady just trying to preserve any remaining  impression of normalcy as the health-head among my fried chicken chomping coworkers, I only went into full-on foodie mode once over the span of my trip.

Without a doubt, this was the BEST eat (for me) of the vacay. The group road tripped it to Maryland for some authentic seafood, which they raved about, but my wimpy iceberg salad and baked potato (the ONLY veg options on the menu) were nothing to write home about. Seriously.

This place, on the other hand, had my name written all over it. With its low-key yet trendy, bookworm-meets-eco-conscious-cultural-infusion vibe, Busboys and Poets nailed everything I love about the city experience.

We found out that the name was inspired by the poet Langston Hughes, who worked as a busboy before he became a published author.

My inner literature geek side was seriously battling my foodie self for brain space. I was in a bit of overload, but in the most enjoyable way possible!

There was a definite “green” theme going on! I loved how environmentally AND health conscious the restaurant was. Sadly, the service was about the slowest I’ve ever experienced, but the poetry and the reading material on the menus filled the time nicely 😉

My coworkers had absolutely NO idea what this was. I tried to explain that it was just regular sugar that hadn’t been processed, but I don’t think they were entirely sold on it.

With an entire menu of vegan and vegetarian friendly options, I kept wavering back and forth between choices. In the end, I ordered the vegan quesadilla as my entree. Was I ever glad that I did!

The soy cheese was fabulously understated, the “sour cream” incredibly creamy, the veggies perfectly fresh, and the guacamole…well, everything anyone could ever want in a guac. I loved that the spinach wasn’t cooked, either – it added a nice semi-crisp texture amidst the creaminess of the pseudo-dairy, the softness of the veggies, and the flakiness of the quesadilla. The only downside was that the dish was a bit more oily than I’d have liked, but all things considered, it was of little detriment.

There are seriously no words to describe how much I wish my podunk neck of the woods (beach?) had chic eateries like this. I’m not asking for much here, just one or two restaurants whose names don’t rhyme with Schnapplebee’s or Spilli’s. Le sigh.

Does your town have a lot of specialty or local eateries, or are you stuck in a chain-restaurant wasteland? Of your real-life (non-blog) friends and coworkers, are you the only healthy one?


5 Comments on “My Own Personal Mecca”

  1. I LOVE Busboys and Poets 🙂 I’m so glad you managed to eat there!! The atmosphere is so much fun and the food is delish!! DC has some other awesome vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants. I’m glad you had a delicious trip 😉

  2. Um, this looks awesome! I’m stuck in a Mozambican village with no healthy options and pretty much no one who understands 😦 cannot wait to go back to the States and have healthy options available and have that not be weird, either.

  3. Ayla says:

    I love book stores…. Really and this would be just too much. Being around normal eaters while they explain to me why fast food and burgers and pizza are good (when all I want is salad and stuff) makes me feel like Encino Man. Being around normal people makes me feel like I am Encino Man.

  4. DiningAndDishing says:

    I LOVE bus boys and poets! So fun to see it on your blog :). They do an excellent brunch too!

    – Beth @

  5. Mmm, that quesadilla has me drooling right now!

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