Exercising Under the Radar

Oof! I don’t care that I just slept like a rock for ten hours, I’m still spent! Was yesterday a draining day for you guys as well?

It started innocently enough, with a Java Chip Sludge-accino (sans Ovaltine, which I’m looking for a “cleaner” replacement for…any ideas?)

My morning involved hiking around a gator preserve/swampland and my afternoon was split between flag football games and reliving my cheerleading glory days. Oh, the joys of entertaining kids for a living.

Our new disciplinary system 😉

Yep, that’s a gator, just chillin’ out on the sand.

After ten minutes of literally restraining certain students who wanted to go touch it, I was strongly tempted to just let them go. Sure, Bobby. You’re so much stronger and smarter than the gator. Go ahead. Go pet it. Hope you’re not too fond of your fingers. Or your life, cause I’m sure as hell not following you in there to save you. I quite like all my limbs, thank you very much.

So, speaking of body parts. (How’s that for a segue, eh?)

I don’t carry my camera with me when I run, but today I was so wishing that I did. Although, on second thought, there are certain sights that you can never unsee, and I’m not entirely sure you need to be subjected to actual images here.

I was chugging along, people-watching my fellow athletes as I pass them…and I crossed the path of a man running in an excruciatingly tight, speedo-bottomed black onesie with a white logo of some sort plastered across his crotch. I wish I was kidding, my friends. There was a big ol’ bumper sticker-sized circle right on his junk. It was incredibly hard not to stare, but I’m not so sure that wasn’t the runner’s intention. I’m dying to know what possessed a manufacturer to produce this, but more importantly, what possessed the fellow to put it on. I hope to hell I never feel the need to draw attention to my good bits with a color-contrast logo. Shhheeeez.

I’d been scheming up a homemade vegan pizza dinner all day, but my body rudely informed me otherwise as I was on my way home from a post-work run.

I’d been eating pretty solidly throughout the day and I thought everything was fine, but my sugar still started dropping as I was driving to my house.

I scrapped the pizza plans in favor of quick and easy sustenance – another one of my bagelwiches, a mango, some avocado slices, and some leftover split peas with honey mustard. Not that any of that was particularly prime photography material, but I was far more focused on eating than snapping shots at that given moment.

I have a feeling the day’s activities were just more strenuous on my body than I’d estimated them to be. I know that playing can take a lot out of you, but apparently more than I’d realized!

I was looking up calorie expenditure on Nutribase.com and was pretty impressed by the stats!

Did you know…*

Badminton burns 180 calories an hour? (Who on Earth actually plays badminton, btw? Maybe I should start?) Mopping will knock off 102 calories in just 60 minutes, and even a leisurely, non-competitive round of shooting hoops can tear through 156 calories for an hour-long session?

*for a 120 lb woman.

That’s crazy! I never factor in basic activities like shopping or chores into my calorie output (although I don’t count calories, I try to keep a general idea of how much I’m exerting myself so I make sure I get enough fuel).

So. I think I’m done running my mouth for one post; now it’s your turn. There’s a lot this post made me want to know about y’all! I know I can’t be the only one perpetually in a chatty mood!

  • What’s the strangest/most absurd thing you’ve ever seen while exercising?
  • What is your favorite unconventional exercise?
  • If you count calories, do you factor in basic movements like housework, short walks, etc…?
  • And finally, how much do you trust the calorie stats on tracking or charting websites?

Happy hump day, lovelies! See ya tomorrow!


10 Comments on “Exercising Under the Radar”

  1. Chelsey says:

    I love cleaning! I, of course, never count that as a workout, but it really is! Sweeping is really good for your obliques too. I used to waitress at Logan’s Roadhouse where people ate peanuts and threw the shells on the ground. I would have to sweet up peanuts for about an hour every night before I went home. Rock hard obliques were the result!!!

    I don’t count calories anymore, but used to like crazy. I never burned as many calories as they sites say you do – I have a really low resting heartrate which I am sure factors into that. I have a F6, so that is more accurate. I like to wear the F6 so I know how roughly how much extra food I need to eat that day!

  2. I had to laugh out loud, what an outfit 😀

    I once walked home from grocery store and looked to a backyard of a house (next to the street I was walking along) and there was a man standing naked in front, I almost tripped I was so surprised 😀 I know it was HIS backyard but still.. If you live right next to a road maybe you should wear a bit more clothes 😀

  3. Sonia says:

    The outfit sounds craaazy!!! I saw a man working out at my parents gym wearing khakis and loafers while RUNNING on a treadmill!! So crazy… I’d rather run barefoot.
    I wonder if you could use maca as an Ovaltine replacement? I have never tried it but all of the reviews say it is super “Malty” tasting…I don’t think it’s sweet though.

  4. bahaha men need to forgo all spandex bottoms…please.

    As for the replacement for Ovaltine, how about just cocoa powder & sweetner? Unless you like the malty taste…cuz then there’s always brown rice syrup 🙂

  5. Kristie says:

    Not gonna lie, I think seeing something like that out on a run would make me want to go out running more often. I want hilarious sights like that on MY runs… as slightly disturbing as they might be… Hahah.

    I never really count how many calories I burn and definitely don’t think about housework etc but I do try to keep moving as much as possible during the day just to not feel like such a slob when sitting for way too long. Moving more, cleaning etc definitely helps with that! Honestly I don’t really trust those calorie count sites at all. I mean for a VERY basic burn amount sure, but everyone’s body is SO different, I just feel like every activity burn would vary pretty greatly on each individual! Plus for example, in playing badminton the amount of work/exertion two people are putting in could also vary really significantly just in how much you bounce around etc. So I don’t really pay attention to any of that. I just work out, try to keep moving through the day etc and I feel like that’s good enough 🙂

  6. Bah! Oh man, I wish I would’ve seen that guy!

    There is nothing nearly as entertaining on my runs, but the gym is a totally different story. The other day I saw blond twins..about 6’5″ tall each..rocking 80’s workout outfits complete with leg warmers and high pony tails. It’s like they had stepped out of a 1984 Muscle and Fitness magazine. It was very hard not to stare. I def wished I had a camera!

  7. Wow! That must have been some sight. I wonder how people leave the house thinking they look good sometimes.

  8. Shannon says:

    oh man, that is quite the picture! (i mean, what i am picturing in my head is enough, lol) i saw a turtle leaving the track the other day… guess he was done with his workout 😉

  9. hahaha it is always the times when you don’t bring your camera when you would need it the most!!

  10. I would have loved to see that. I probably would have laughed and been really rude though! Yikes.

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