Is There a Root You Can’t Fry?

Morning bloggies! Maybe it’s the coffee, but I’m so optimistic that today’s going to be a beautiful day…

Hard to believe there are trees like this in Florida!

I’m afraid my food has been far more practical than anything lately. My job has kept me hoppin’! My kidlets went and fed the ducks at a local lake, and all the while I was thinking about feeling myself.


My solution?

Carrot fries, a la 100 My one gripe is that I wished they were crispier, but I’m thinking I just cut too big of shards. Regardless, they were DELISH!

No root veggie is safe from the oven-baked fry treatment in the LaC kitchen (Muahahaha).

With a side of split green peas with honey mustard…

And a perfect sweet-tooth buster, SIAJ (Sauce in a Jar). You know, if you can do OatsIAJ, I sure as hell can save some dish-washing time and melt together my Naturally More, almond milk, and honey mustard in the micro.

It’s all about simplicity.

That’s sure something I could use some more of right about now, as I leave to take my kidlets to SeaWorld! Have a great Thursday…and pray that I keep my sanity!!!


7 Comments on “Is There a Root You Can’t Fry?”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Those carrot fries sound intriguing….Have fun at Sea World! 🙂

  2. greensandjeans says:

    Have fun at Sea World! Parsnip fries are my very favorite and as much as I feel like I SHOULD like roasted carrots, I prefer them raw

  3. Lindsay says:

    I love days that feel like the energy surrounding them is hoppin with positivity.

  4. Sonia says:

    ooh those look good! The summer squash fries I made earlier this week were pretty limp and soft and it wasn’t very good 😦 TWSS!

  5. I loveeee carrot fries but I’m always too impatient to make them. 30+ minutes in the oven WITH preheating?? Maybe I should start making them when I’m not hungry!

  6. I love me some roasted root veggies! They are truly the best. And huh, pb + honey mustard? I’ve never heard of that. Is it good?

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