Running – It’s Cheaper than Therapy… (Or is it?)

Despite all the festivities, the last several days have been extremely emotionally taxing for me.

Unfortunately, the sky seems to have stolen the fireworks from my love life.

Let’s just say that if Carrie Bradshaw needs some material for a column, she could easily come to me.

All the drama has clouded up my head, and my instinct has been to run it off, weather be damned.

That’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve gone on three runs in two days, plus some specially concentrated yoga poses. I firmly believe in the mood-boosting power of endorphins.

Therapy involves laying on a couch; running involves collapsing onto one in a sweaty heap of exhaustion, but is running really cheaper?

Head and shoulders, knees and toes.

  • I love my newest pair of Asics. My heel collection can rival Imelda Marcos, but when it came to sneakers, I’ve always been a cheapest-works kind of girl. These bad boys were worth every penny, but $14o later, I winced (and overrode my Ferragamo obsession).

Techie Trimmings

  • With an iPod Nano costing $150 and the cheapest of the Garmin Forerunners coming with another $150 pricetag, just two gadgets will eat up a cool $300. That’s not even counting the far too easy to rack up iTunes tab!

Practice safe striding; use protection.

  • Under Armour charges $25 for one of their knee braces and $15 for one ankle sleeve. Genetic freak of nature that I am, I’d need to purchase two of each, bringing me to $80 for the four pieces.
  • One of the most raved-about ways to guard against mid-run dehydration and it’s nasty side effects is the Camelbak. By schlepping water right your person, you can swig from a straw at any point during your run – if you’ve got the $48 to shell out for the 2010 Annadel model!
  • I know most of us don’t think of sunglasses as protection, yet in reality, they are. For those of us who run outside, the sun’s glare and UV rays can do a lot of damage over the course of daily workouts. For folks like me who refuse to run in their Kate Spades, sportswear companies have capitalized on the market with items like this polarized pair of Under Armour sunnies for $125.

The scary subtotal:

Splurging on all of these products would cost a runner a hefty $891 bucks! That’s not even taking a gym membership into consideration. Locally, a month at Golds, Lifestyles, or even a “mom-and-pop” place averages a $40 fee. I currently stick to paved public trails,  but those that choose the treadmill at a health club peak their total at over $900!

Money may not be able to buy health, but it certainly can buy an extensive collection of accouterments for healthy activities. I won’t lie, I’ve had as much sticker shock in Fit Niche as I’ve had in Neiman Marcus, but to an extent, I feel that it’s worth it.

Tonight I’m going to share my tips to trim the costs of running gear. Be sure to check back in for my splurge/scrimp suggestions!

Meanwhile, what is the biggest purchase you’ve made in the name of fitness?


8 Comments on “Running – It’s Cheaper than Therapy… (Or is it?)”

  1. Lindsay says:

    My most expensive purchase was definitely my Garmin….or perhaps my skis + boot + poles set. Actually, most of the stuff I’ve purchased for winter sports has been really expensive. It’s amazing how much athletic gear can add up!

  2. Becky says:

    Love this! I probably look like I’m going out on an African safari every Saturday with my Garmin beast, Camelbak, Road ID, and other lovely pieces all strapped on for a long run. It’s nuts! I have some expensive favorites- hello, lululemon Groovy Run shorts! – but I also have some cheap stuff – love the Champion sports bras at Target! (on sale for $12 this week) Can’t wait to hear your cost-cutting tips!

  3. cool gadgets says:

    I’ve been thinking lately to take up yoga classes, I’m going through some stressful period of time and I need to relax a little bit.

  4. Molly says:

    My garmin forerunner (about $150) but I buy a new pair of asics every 6 months at $125 a piece and have been running for 5 years.

    2 pairs of shoes oer year x $125 = That’s $1250!
    Well worth it though if it’s a shoe that keeps me injury free 🙂

  5. Molly says:

    My garmin forerunner (about $150) but I buy a new pair of asics every 6 months at $125 a piece and have been running for 5 years.

    2 pairs of shoes per year x $125 = That’s $1250!
    Well worth it though if it’s a shoe that keeps me injury free 🙂

  6. I recently splurged on some really good running shoes – they were totally worth it!

    Sending virtual hugs your way, girl! 🙂

  7. Sonia says:

    my most expensive purchases relate to sports bras!! I’ve been cursed with DDs so it’s super hard for me to get a good bra! Currently, Champion’s Powerback is my favorite!
    I’ve also been wanting to try Lululemon’s tata tamer!

  8. My most expensive purchase was/is my gym membership, which I pay in full every year. So far, they have $1,800 of my money, but now I am also kickboxing machine! Invaluable.

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