You can call me Your Majesty

I hereby crown myself the Queen of Cereal.

My adoration began as a little Lucky Charms loving child and has continued through the years, seeing me through phases of  Cap’n Crunch, Froot Loops, Raisin Bran  Special K, and Kashi. In my eyes, there is no meal cereal can’t stand in for, and no snack that can’t be comprised of a few clusters.

Who needs to run a country when you can rule your belly? Lawmaking is overrated. Unless, of course, the law in question involves cereal consumption.

I thusly declare it unlawful to have a diet that does not include multiple weekly servings of cereal. Furthermore, I reserve the right to send you to the guillotine if you do not have at least three boxes in your pantry at all times.

And hell, why not go as far as to declare today Official Love On Some Cereal Day? I may be the only one participating, but that doesn’t invalidate the magnificence of the holiday 🙂

I celebrated my new holiday with a big bowl of Nature’s Path Organic Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon. I’d say I scarfed it, but that wouldn’t be very regal of me, now would it?

Yes, the extra blueberries on top of a blueberry cereal were totally necessary. Nobody ever overdosed on antioxidants, so shut it.

This may be giving my Kashi Honey Almond Flax a run for it’s money (and that’s saying a LOT!)

Top-notch ingredients? Check.Respectable stats? Check.

I’m particularly loving the 9 grams of protein, and the 9 grams of sugar is a lot less than I’d expected from a cereal that contains dried fruit!

Fit for a king queen, indeed.

If you were to crown yourself Queen of a food, what would it be?

I still need ideas for the company potluck! I’m thinking a dessert might be my best option. Don’t hold out with the recommendations!


21 Comments on “You can call me Your Majesty”

  1. greensandjeans says:

    This is a tough one, but I’m going to have to proclaim myself the queen of the frozen strawberries. That is ALL I want to eat this time of year

  2. Lindsay says:

    I love Nature’s Path cereals….my fav is the Optimum Rebound: Banana Almond cereal. It’s sooo tasty, and it’s perfect for athletes because it has the elusive 3:1 carbs to protein ratio. Lurve it.

    I think if I was queen of a food, I would be the queen of spicy peppers. I’m sorta obsessed with spicy food, so I know I would be a fabulous ruler over the realm of jalapenos, serranos, and habaneros! Lol….

  3. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    I am the Queen of Peanut Butter!

  4. Sarah says:

    Haha, great post.

    For your company potluck, what about a dessert trifle? If you have a pretty glass dish you can layer all sorts of pretty goodies and it makes an impressive (but healthy) display.

  5. I am the queen of eggs. Haha! I can whip up an egg in like, 2o different ways, and I’m damn proud of it.

  6. those are some good ingredients!

    could I be queen of snack bars? If I dont have a variety of power-like bars in my fridge and pantry I feel empty.

  7. Krista says:

    I got my cereal in today!! It was awesome! 😉

  8. I am the queen of:

    Cream Cheese

  9. I am the Queen of all things pumpkin!

    Make Cake cookies:
    1 box lemon cake
    1/3 cup veggie oil
    2 eggs
    1 tsp lemon extract

    Roll in teaspoon rounded balls into powdered sugar and place on non-greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 8 minutes. And done. These are a huge summer hit!

  10. Lexie says:

    I’m the queen of pickles. That sounds a little dirty, but I like it that way. Those blueberries look gorgeous and I definitely think that cereal is worth a try. I will always and forever adore Cinnoman Toast Crunch, I just only eat it as a treat every once and awhile nowadays.

  11. kaztronomic says:

    I would be sent straight to the guillotine, then! Yikes! I’m a hot cereal girl all the way. Does having three different types of hot cereal count, then, or am I doomed? Hah!

    I’m the queen of fluff. If it’s white and fluffy (whipped cream, white frosting, marshmallow creme, the list goes on) then I’ll zero in on it and eat it. 😀

  12. You crack me up! I am also a cereal-lover – right now I’m all about Quaker Oatmeal Squares and Kashi Autumn Wheat.

  13. Lexa says:

    Oh dear… it’s off with my head! I’ve been avoiding breakfast cereal for the most part because it’s inherently a processed food; the closest I come to it is granola on my yogurt. This post is definitely making me crave some Kashi GoLean Vanilla Almond Crunch, though!

  14. “Furthermore, I reserve the right to send you to the guillotine if you do not have at least three boxes in your pantry at all times.”
    — phew! Looks like I’m safe ^~ I’ve got some mesa sunrise, millet flakes and organic corn puffs lurking in my pantry right now. So delicious over chobani!

    I would definitely be Queen of the Grapes, which is fantastic because in addition to these perfect globes of crunchy sweetness, I get to be the queen of wine after a few years ;D

    As far as company potlucks go.. for dessert I’m a big fan of breads – rhubarb is in season right now, so you could whip up an apple-rhubarb loaf. Peaches are in season too, so why not a peach pie or cobbler?
    Good luck!

  15. haha well my family would respect your authority. They loveeee cereal & we have at least 6 boxes in our pantry at all time. Me? Mehhh it’s alright (don’t kill me).

    If you want a sinful dessert that’s *always* a hit…my mom makes these “brownie-topped cookies.” Basically a cookie bottom layer and a brownie top layer. Not healthy in the least bit but people love em

    • Faith says:

      Oh. My. Gosh. I think that’s the winner right there! I’m all about it! Do you have a recipe or just make the two and layer them?

  16. Kristie says:

    I have… 4 boxes of cereal currently? Hardly enough but it’ll do for now. Cereal = adoration. I can’t ever have just one at a time though, my cereal bowls need at LEAST two different kinds mixing and mingling in there. And extra blueberries are never ever a bad thing. They should be a necessary addition to all cereal bowls!

    As for Queen of something, I’d probably have to go with cottage cheese or yogurt. I pretty much go crazy if they aren’t in my fridge. I’m pretty darn glad my body accepts dairy.

  17. Funny post! 😀 I think I might be the queen of balsamic vinegar!

  18. I’ve been the Queen of Tahini for quite some time now 🙂 Hehe..

    I like cereal, but I actually don’t eat it very often. My favourite right now, to be mixed with yogurt of course, is Crunchy Corn. It’s like an organic knock-off of Corn Pops. Gotta love that!

    ❤ Tat

  19. Jenn says:

    Ha ha!!!

    I’m the queen of nuts and mean that in more ways than one. 😉

  20. […] I feel as though I didn’t pay the holiday the sort of respect it deserves.After all, as the self-proclaimed Queen of Cereal, it really seems like I ought to have made a more appropriate hooplah for my most beloved breakfast […]

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