Home Again, Home Again…

Hello all!

I’m about to share some sad and shocking news.

I’ve discovered a corner of the world entirely devoid of a single wireless connection.

Dun dun dun.

Praise God for Panera Bread!!! I see many a trip here in the future! For the wi-fi, not the cookies. Or something like that.

While there’s no internet at the house, there is plenty of chocolate and lots of fruit!

My grandmother is a wise woman – she’s made friends with the bakery workers at Publix, and they give her a heads up phone call when they’re getting ready to stock their limited edition loaves of Cranberry Walnut Multigrain bread.

I can only aspire to such brilliance.

I’ve been passing on the Green Monster lovin’ with some SIAB breakfasts…Kudos to my mum for willingly sampling the pond sludge!

I wonder what other health foods I can con her into trying. I already have my vegan feta marinating in the fridge for tonight’s salad…we shall see how that goes! Grocery shopping is on the agenda tomorrow, and yoga on Saturday – I’ve got high hopes!

Are you the “odd eater” in your family? Are your relatives open to sampling your healthy foods?


21 Comments on “Home Again, Home Again…”

  1. Cranberry Walnut Multigrain? Oh my word – sounds and looks heavenly 🙂
    And I am definitely an odd eater!! That’s awesome that your mom was willing to sample your GM, though. My mom is always interested in what I’m making and always wants some (our tastes tend to be similar if you discard the fact that she hates whole wheat anything, haha) but I’m not so sure I could con her into drinking a GM 😛

  2. I was once the odd “healthy” eater in my house but I think my mom and dad have picked up my habits of eating fresh, (mostly) unprocessed foods. And they love trying the crazy desserts that I healthify.

  3. I am totally the odd eater in my fam! However, I did get my mom on the nooch train (I think!…maybe she was just doing it while I was visiting), and prepared yucca and sweet potato fries for my family. Also they are on board with tofu now!
    My family is totally vegetarian but it’s not always healthy, so I’m happy to get them into what I eat!
    I made GMs for the family the last time I was home too but only my step-dad liked it!

  4. Carbzilla says:

    I’m the one who’s always following “some plan,” but it’s really my mom who’s the odd eater, or non-eater as the case may be. She doesn’t drink water either. Weird.

  5. Mimi says:

    That cookie looks DELISH!

    I got my dad turned onto raw desserts because he’s a diabetic and can’t take refined sugar–but can handle fruit sugar. My mom’s side…nope. I am just the freak who hates refined carbs and loves her veggie bowls. Whatevs. You have to forge your own path!

  6. kaztronomic says:

    Oooh, that bread looks amazing. Go grandma for making the right connections! 😀

    Yep, I’m the odd one out, but my Mum tried roasted sweet potatoes with peanut butter while she was here and loved it. However, on the same day, she gave me the old “you’re gonna have to start eating XYZ again if you ever want to get pregnant” speil. Thanks, Mum. LOL

    Conversely, my sister used to snide on me for my diet, but recently went gf/cf and has lost like, 50+ pounds without cutting calories or restricting and is getting other people on the healthy eating bandwagon through her healthy testimony. =)

  7. Neen says:

    Oh i’m the “odd eater” in my family for sure, they cant get thier head round the protein powders, the seeds, the use of wholemeal flour! and just my general style of eating, oh well i’m happy!! that bread looks loverly!! x

  8. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    Oh gosh, my mom is in love with Publix’s breakfast bread!! So I totally know what you are saying…

    ANd Yes, I am the oddball eater of the family. They ask me what I’m eating, and I say something like almond butter with flax and cinnamon, and they just go, “oh, that’s alex for ya”

  9. Oh my.. those strawberries look so good!

  10. my grandmother shocked me this past April when she prepared a vegan friendly Easter dinner where I was able to stuff myself vegan style… I’ve never felt so “accepted” around dietary preferences.

  11. Definitely the odd eater in my family. They are constantly making fun of me and telling me I eat “sticks and twigs” – which is so NOT true, by the way! I like to respond by telling them I only eat the best things in life 😉

  12. I’ve got my Grandma to try Overnight Oats and Green Monsters! Can you believe that? She loves them!

  13. Jenn says:

    F0r some reason it totally cracks me up that your grandma made friends with the bakery people so she can get bread alerts!! Tee hee!!!

    I’m definitely the odd eater in my family. Although my family all talks about what a good cook I am. Moving beyond Hamburger Helper does wonders I tell ya.

  14. I’m totally the odd eater, and most of the time I have to BEG people to try my foods. Sometimes they like it, but most of the time they don’t…or at least they say they don’t b/c they’re stubborn and don’t want to admit how delicious my food is! (At least that’s what I tell myself – ha!)

  15. Sarah says:

    My parents think I eat “weird” food because I enjoy sushi, thai, vienamese… They are simple, American food eaters.

  16. I’m definitely the odd eater in my family! My family isn’t really into healthy stuff, but I’m working on helping them make better choices! 🙂

  17. Faith says:

    Lol, yet another great reason to love Panera! 🙂

  18. Therese says:

    I am definitely the “odd eater” of my family! My mother will try my new eats and sometimes my brother but for the most part, if I know I’m cooking for family, I either make something healthy that fools them or I throw it out the window for that one meal! However, when I was celebrating Father’s Day at my boyfriends fathers house last May, my boyfriends father told me that the men in the family seem to be eating much healthier now at family functions than they were when I wasn’t around! Ha! I told him that I’m not complaining! 🙂

  19. I am definitely the odd eater in my family … my whole family thinks I eat the weirdest things, but occasionally they are willing to try them.

  20. Krista says:

    I’m def the odd eater! I always said I would never make separate meals for my kids and here I doing doing it for myself! HAHA!

  21. Claire says:

    Ah i just found your blog! I love it so far!! Publix cranberry walnut bread is AMAZiNG. my grandma always buys this and toasts it up for me in the morning when I go visit her. So yummmmy!

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