Something Old, Something New

Nothing borrowed, nothing blue…Don’t worry, those aren’t wedding bells you’re hearing, darlings 😉

I’m back to my old town, my old bed (you never realize how much you love your own mattress until you’re away from it!!), and my old 3-meal-a-day routine (I grazed more than a gazelle these past few weeks!) As wonderful as the time with the family was, I was ready to come back home! I still have one week of vacation time, but I’m quite happy to be spending it at my own place!

On to the fun, new things, like the new man in my lovely life 🙂 We’ve been in the awkward “talking” stage for a bit, but we had the most marvelous dinner/football game date Friday night, and I’m on my way to meet him for a quick lunch this afternoon. This fella is very promising, my friends 🙂

What else is new in LAC-land?

A new (to me!) breakfast of raspberry soft serve topped with Kashi GoLean Honey Almond Flax and a few crumbled squares of Green & Black’s Dark Organic Chocolate (my ah-mah-zing grandmother sent me home with an entire CASE of miniature bars! Shall we take bets on how long the box lasts?)

A new playground farmer’s market I stumbled upon en route to my much-missed townhouse:

The stand itself doesn’t look like much, but I walked out with a $9 tab for a head of kale, a pound of green beans, a pint of blueberries and a box of strawberries, 8 plum tomatoes, an avocado, a half dozen sweet potatoes, 4 bananas, 3 zucchini, 3 yellow squash, and a pluot…pretty much everything but the partridge and the pear tree! Tell me that wasn’t a worthwhile stop.

And a new reason to go home. Yeah, yeah, the family and friends are great and all…but let me level for a second – I have a serious new source of motivation to visit more often: the most AMAZING new Greek cafe with the most AMAZING falafel pitas.

Foodgasms galore.

I had no qualms about requesting a return trip the following day for a second identical lunch. I haven’t had a genuinely good falafel in so long that it was the only logical thing for this girl to do.

And now the only logical thing for this girl to do is lace up my favorite J.Crack espadrilles, dab on some Coco Mademoiselle, and meet a certain ex-football player at Moe’s. I promise to try not to embarrass myself by packing down their Art Vandalay in two minutes flat!


12 Comments on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. Your breakfast looks delicious, as does that falafel wrap! Major yum! 🙂

  2. Krista says:

    Great breakfast. And a full box of chocolate? You lucky gal, you! A promising fella sounds,well….promising!!! 😉

  3. Have a great trip home!
    The falafel looks to die for!

  4. awesome deal at the farmer’s market!!
    The falafel looks super- I love falafel!
    Moes sounds so good too- I worked there in 2006! I miss the food- they disappeared from my town shortly after I stopped working there.
    Can’t wait to hear more about le boy!

  5. Katie says:

    I’d travel distances for that falafel, too! Mmm. Good luck with the guy! I can’t wait to hear more about him…

  6. Do gazelles really graze? 😉 Cute analogy!

    That is a STEAL from your Farmer’s Market…ours is quite pricey…delicous, but pricey…

  7. falafel wraps – hmmmmm! grat stuff being home eh! pure bliss! the farmers market sounds great what a find!

  8. kaztronomic says:

    What a fantastic score at the Farmers Market! That’s so awesome. 😀

    Oooh, those falafel wraps look yummy.

    Have fun on your date! 😉

  9. Faith says:

    OMG, your breakfast looks phenomenal! I would gladly eat that any time of day. 😉 The falafel sandwiches look pretty incredible too. I hope you have a great time on your date!

  10. greensandjeans says:

    I had a horrible falafel experience a couple of years ago, but I’m trying to bring it back!

  11. Greek food is the best, I adore their pitas!

    Lovely to hear that you have a sweet man in your life 🙂

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