Keeping Busy?

It just seems, these days, that I have too much time on my hands. Similarly, I have too much money, too many friends, and too fast of a metabolism.

Yeah. Right.

The weekend was absolutely JAM PACKED, but really, who would have it any other way? I have to keep reminding myself it’s not over yet, either!

Friday night I relived my glory days went and cheered on my boyfriend and his old high school team as he coached their way to a 56-16 victory…

Did I ever mention I used to be a cheerleader?

Saturday morning there was a glorious yoga sesh with my dear friend Erin leading the class…


… followed by a lunch with a few of the yoginis at Scores, a local watering hole/sports cafe.

I was underwhelmed by their selections but finally settled on the veggie wrap sans cheese, winding up with some lettuce, cucumber, and peppers on a bland lo-carb tortilla. I was trying not to judge the inattentive service too harshly, but $1.50 charge when I asked for some honey mustard to dip it in was a complete bummer. This, my friends, should not have been a $10 lunch…

But the company (and the Gators victory!) made it worthwhile. There’s always a bright side, folks.

I can promise you as you read this I’m in bed, soundly asleep, ridiculously grateful for the WordPress “schedule” feature, seeing as I wrote this post last night in anticipation of the late night bowling marathon that means I’ll be awake till 3 AM. And with that, my loves, I’m about to go get my 8th grade on and thoroughly embarrass myself at the bowling alley! Enjoy your Sundays!


4 Comments on “Keeping Busy?”

  1. Krista says:

    I would agree that $10 was WAY to much dinero for that lunch! YOW!

    Sounds like you’ve been having a blast, though!!!

  2. That’s… kind of a rip off :/

  3. kaztronomic says:

    Wow, seriously, a 1.50$ charge for honey mustard? That is beyond fail.

    Go Gators! I’m actually wearing a Gators tee shirt right now, an old hand-me-down from my sister. 😀 Hehe.

  4. I love bowling, it’s so much fun even though I totally suck at it 😀

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