What a wonderful Monday! Both of my teams won yesterday, and from what it sounds like, many of yours did as well! It’s awesome that I have so many fellow football readers. I promise, this is still a healthy living blog, despite my tendency to ramble about game day.

Let’s hit up the eats, shall we?

My family was thoughtful enough to put together a whole spread of healthified munchies – whole wheat pretzel twists with hummus, chips and natural salsa, kalamata olives, strawberries and grapes, granola, and sliced avocados and tomatoes.

blog 1356

We finally got to try Terra exotic vegetable chips – they were absolutely fabulous! Very crispy and flavorful – my only gripe was that they were on the smaller side. I need larger vehicles to get more hummus into my belly!

blog 1357

I’m all about this Harvest’s Best Granola – it’s packing cranberries, pepitas, cashews, almonds, maple syrup, and NO crappy additives! Sweet deal 🙂

blog 1352

Oh oops, how did some of the strawberries get dipped in chocolate? Perhaps they just accidentally fell into a pot of warmed Ghiaradelli chips? Yes yes, that must be it. Mystery solved 😉

Side tidbit: If you eat a chocolate covered crackberry from the top down (twisting off the leaves first, of course), you avoid breaking the chocolate casing into pieces that inevitably fall into your lap. This message was sponsored by the AAtWoVC (Association Against the Wasting of Valuable Chocolate).

My grandmother outdid herself with dinner as well: roasted chicken and cheese/bacon pizzas for the meat-eaters, sauteed string beans and cheeseless veggie pizzas for my mum and I…

blog 1354

As well as a mayo-free potato salad (if I can twist her arm for the recipe, would any of you be interested in me posting it?) and a chilled pasta of whole wheat noodles, olive oil, basil, and stewed tomatoes.

blog 1358

That’s my kind of game day food.

What are your favorite healthy dishes or snacks for tailgating or sports parties? For all my football ladies, how did your team fare yesterday?


8 Comments on “2-0”

  1. fun post! This is the first year I have been remotely interested in football. I used to be able to escape to a friend’s house during gameday and my boyf would watch at home with his friends… but now that we are new in town, and I don’t have that many friends here yet…I have been stuck at home watching football with him!
    I am slowly learning the rules and “my team” da Bears! won yesterday 😀 I have always rooted for them since I’m originally from IL…but this was probably the first game I’ve watched haha. I hope they have a good season!

    I don’t know too much about tailgating food except that I usually stay away from it! (and drink too much…)
    I do like creamcheese stuffed jalapenos though 🙂

  2. Krista says:

    Yummy eats! The granola and berries wouldn’t have stood a chance around me! 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    Ooh- I would like to have that mayo-free potato salad recipe! I am a fan of potatoes, but mayo? Not so much.

  4. The Broncos won! Wootwoot! Awesomeness. Congrats to your team too. 🙂 Nothing puts me in a better mood for the week ahead than a win by my beloved football team.

  5. Yesss! i want to know the recipe for that potato salad 🙂 I love potato salads and my dad makes the best one I have ever eaten but for some reason when I make it myself it does not taste as good.

  6. kbwood says:

    hey ove!! still reading your blog!!!! i LOVE LOVE football season – and love the tailgate food! choco covered strawberries are aweesome

  7. elyssa says:

    thanks for this! so much strength in your words.

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