The First Mile

I saw Rich walking across the campus towards me and I sprinted to meet him. I had forgotten to throw a sweater over my brown Under Armour t-shirt when I left the dorm, and my still-red skin was tingling in the November night air.

I hopped up onto a stone ledge and crossed my legs Indian style, tapping out a beat onto my knees as he asked me what my big news was. My gym buddy, Rich was my go-to fitness guy and I had texted him before even leaving the gym. I needed to share my excitement with someone, and he was the natural choice. We agreed to meet up between our residence halls.


What, Faith?

I hit a mile for the first time ever! I’m on such a HUGE runner’s high and I had to had to had to just tell you and oh my gosh I’m dead inside but I could totally go and do it again right now!

Earlier in the evening, I hit the treadmill after work, and after a quarter mile incline walk to warm up, I cranked up the speed for my usual half mile run. I vividly remember seeing .49 tick to .50 without feeling winded, and I said aloud – to nobody in particular – “tonight is going to be the night that I go a full mile.” Sure enough…twelve minutes and thirteen agonizing seconds later, I was red in the face and winded, but prouder than I could ever remember being.

Ecstatic about completing, my time and inability to breathe hardly even registered in my mind. I ran a mile. I was an athlete. I was capable. I was giddy as all get out. I was determined and accomplished the goal that I wanted more than anything at that given moment.

What was your first “milestone” accomplishment in fitness? Email me your story (however long or short it may be) to along with your name and blog (if you have one), and I’d love to feature it as a future post!


4 Comments on “The First Mile”

  1. Congrats!
    That is such an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! My biggest accomplishment fitness-wise was running without stopping for 5 minutes straight. Doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t think I had done that before last year. I didn’t enjoy it much, but I pushed through.

  3. you really deserved that love!! im so happy u got the runners high experience from it too!! its such a wonderful feeling and i can just imagine how excited you felt after this!!! ❤


  4. Lele says:

    Now I have to think of a measurable accomplishment, because I’m not a runner! I think maybe it was just the first time I woke up in the morning and was EXCITED to work out. Like, I wanted to do it because it would make me HAPPY!

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