Patterns of Preference

So…the inside of an ambulance is not on my list of places I wanted to be…

Just kidding! I survived the full 5k, no paramedics necessary 🙂

Painful truth: I clocked in at 34:17 (yikes! That’s hard to admit!), but I’m setting a goal of 29 minutes for whatever race I choose to enter in December. Shaving five minutes off over the course of three months seems fairly realistic, especially when I’ve already got the distance down.

Setting a goal for myself has gotten my competitive edge to reappear – I’m hell bent on proving that I can, and I’ve got a renewed zest for my routine evening runs. I noticed that giving the runs a purpose is motivating me to give 100% effort instead of just a “get it done and get home for dinner” obligation.

Speaking of dinner…(oh yes, be ultra impressed by that segue.)

blog 1311

The appearance of a random bottle of unlabeled seasoning in the back of my cabinet prompted a sniff, a tentative taste off the tip of my finger, and, upon realizing that it wasn’t Powder of Instant Death, a liberal sprinkling over some sliced baby bella mushrooms.

blog 1310

Whoa. I’m just now realizing there was no carb consumption. Stop the world and let me hop off.

blog 1309

I’ve noticed that a good, hard run in the evenings often kills my appetite for the rest of the night. I hate to not eat at all, but I don’t want to force myself to have a heavy meal just for the sake of it. It seems like the winning combo here is a hearty breakfast, a protein-rich lunch, a small influx of carbs for pre-workout energy, and a small, veggie-centric plate for dinner. This leaves me feeling full but not stuffed and satisfied but not lethargic.

It’s certainly hard to strike the right balance between an adequate intake but not too much; losing a few pounds without counting calories or eliminating a certain food group makes it even more of a challenge. The key seems to be finding the combos that work best for your body and working with your hunger cues – not fighting against them. Is there a certain meal pattern that you’ve noticed works best for your body?


7 Comments on “Patterns of Preference”

  1. I’m going to say something totally heretical in the healthy blogging world – I do best when I don’t eat breakfast. I’m really not hungry in the mornings and I find if I do eat breakfast I feel funny for the rest of the day, my energy is lower, and I’m hungrier. I do much better with plenty of fluids in the morning and then a satisfying lunch and dinner, with maybe a snack in between, and that’s it.

  2. Kristie says:

    I WISH I could figure out my pattern of preference. Right now it’s all over the place. I think I probably do best with a good sized carb-based breakfast, a veggie and protein centered lunch and a lighter more protein based dinner. But I don’t really know. Right now it’s mostly just eat around the clock and plenty-o-carbs, a lovely (sigh) trend I picked up over the summer. Working on kicking it but it’s hard work to kick bad habits!

  3. If I don’t have protein at every meal, I am hungry within an hour.

    Great work on the 5k!!!!!!!!

  4. Krista says:

    Congratrs on the run!! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll rock the next one, too…

  5. Faith says:

    The baby bellas look delicious and whatever that seasoning was, it looks incredible! I noticed I function best on a hearty breakfast and then a protein and veggie-rich lunch and dinner. Plus a snack or two, of fruit and nuts usually. And sometimes dessert… 😉

  6. kbwood says:

    yes i totally feel you! I LOVE having a BIG breakfast and slowly digress as the day goes on.. but i do have a BIG snack/meal b4 bed! for some reason it helps me sleep!

  7. Beautiful mushroom dish! congrats on the race 🙂

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