Gym, tea, laundry, that is 😉 What a glamorous Thursday night, no?

I’m road tripping to Jacksonville this weekend, though, so I have to get all of the fun grown-up things done before I leave tomorrow night for two days of football and general debauchery! Work hard (first), play hard(er).

I’ve been guzzling iced black tea all day. If nothing else, I’ll be ultra hydrated for this evening’s run! I definitely am hoping to beat yesterday’s time…

blog 1375

It’s hard not to cringe when I see such high numbers, but I keep reminding myself that improvement is a process and that with consistent effort, my time will drop. It’s all about the commitment!

Commitment #1: JUST DOING IT! For the last hour of work, all I could think about was how badly my feet hurt and how comfortable my bed would be. However, I know that if I want to see any progress, I’m going to have to give 100% effort, which doesn’t come from cancelling runs that I’m perfectly capable of completing!

Commitment #2: Prep time. Nine times out of ten, I run immediately after work. I change clothes and hook up my iPod in the car, and as soon as I snag a parking space, I hit the ground running – literally. My impatience to get the run underway generally means I forget to stretch. My poor muscles aren’t warmed up – it’s no wonder they aren’t performing as optimally as I’d like! I definitely have to carve out a few minutes to do some basic stretches before I head out.

blog 1374

Commitment #3: Honesty. First off, in order to improve, I have to be honest with myself regarding my efforts. Am I giving 110%, working in a few sprints, maxing out my abilities for at least a percentage of the run, or am I doing the minimum just to complete? Am I pushing myself as much as I can, or am I jogging at a comfortable pace and calling it a day?

Secondly, I have to be honest here on the blog. My perfectionism and competitive nature makes it hard to admit my sub-par times, and I’ve been seriously tempted to shave minutes off for the sake of “saving face” in my posts. However, where I am is where I am, plain and simple. This blog is a place where I’m always going to write candidly, and I refuse to compromise that “realness” to portray myself as a more respectable runner. If I’m going to gain respect as an athlete, it’s going to be because I actually earn it.

It’s definitely time to go earn it! Yesterday I procrastinated a little while and got to the lake just as the gnats were coming out in droves. I’m pretty sure a few wound up in orifices I’d rather not think about…they’re not a vegetarian source of protein, after all 😉 See y’all tomorrow!


12 Comments on “GTL”

  1. Sarah says:

    You are inspiring me. If you’re going to be honest, so am I. So. While I feel like I have my eating “down” this past week, my workouts have been nearly non-existent. Sigh…So, time to address that deficit in my life, yes?:-)

  2. Good for your for toughing it out. Everyone goes through a a period where your times are slow, but no one got fast without pushing through the slowness!

  3. You know, as new runners, we have to start somewhere! And over time, the numbers will go down, down, down! Besides, 33 minutes of running is pretty darn amazing in my book 🙂

  4. brandi says:

    great commitments – especially the stretching! I make a point to always do that before and after and I always start each run with 1-2 minutes of walking and end with it, too. I can’t just run out the door.

  5. i’m terrible about stretching before i run, but i’ve gotten in the habit of putting some yoga on exercisetv when i get home, and making myself stretch out with that-keeps me stretching a whole lot longer than i would otherwise

  6. At least you have the commitment – that is half the battle!

  7. kbwood says:

    oh goodness i GOT to do better w. stretching!!! thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. Krista says:

    HA! I thought “GTL” stood for green tea latte when I first saw it! LOL

  9. I like this post 🙂 You make me want to run!

  10. Yep, this is where we can be honest. Your times are great! Subpar shouldn’t even be a word 🙂

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