Private Practice

Good morning, blog loves!

I’m feeling extraordinarily chipper this morning 🙂 I’m still enjoying a yoga buzz from last night! I “pregamed” with a 32:08 5k (chipping away at that time ever so slightly!) and headed home for the main event:

blog 1397

Let me just sum up my thoughts in one sentence here: If you’ve never done a one-on-one yoga class, DO IT.

Not only do you get the instructor’s undivided attention and specific comments on how to improve your form (rather than generalized statements for the entire class), but you can ask for a personalized plan to focus on a specific area.

Since my abs are my “trouble spot”, I requested that Erin help me engage my core. By the third boat of the night, I was definitely feeling it! I never knew that I could look forward to holding plank 😉

Another benefit of the solo yoga was that all the self-consciousness disappears! In any group fitness class, there’s definitely a level of comparison that arises. It’s natural to wonder if you’re doing it differently than your neighbor or as well than the chick with the really toned butt in the front row. When it’s just you and your instructor, you can really focus on the practice itself and all the benefits.

I usually don’t get very caught up in the non-physical side of yoga, but Erin ended the session with a reminder to thank our bodies for allowing us to be as physical as we are. Those words definitely resonated – I put my body through back-to-back workouts after a long workday and yet it went along for the ride, and ended up in a well-deserved state of limber bliss.

Here’s to hoping the zen sticks around for the rest of the day…I’m working a couple extra hours of overtime and I may be CRAZY tense by closing! I swear, there’s no more grating sound than that of screaming toddlers.

See ya later! Hope you have a calm but productive day!


4 Comments on “Private Practice”

  1. Sarah says:

    You may have just sold me a private practice:). That sounds wonderful.

  2. I’m glad the yoga went well!

  3. A one on one session is definitely the way to go!! You get much more attention that way 🙂

  4. Oh, I really want to have a one- on- one yoga class too, sounds amazing!

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