Hold the Sauce

Good afternoon!

Dude. It’s Tuesday. And November, at that. It seems unreal!

My incredible forever roomie offered to share her Olive Garden gift cards, and as a girl who has a hard time passing up a free Italian (or kinda-sorta Americanized Italian) meal, we terrorized the restaurant for a few hours last night.

I went with the mushroom ravioli, but asked for the heavy-sounding sundried tomato and cheese sauce on the side. The ravioli themselves were to die for, but I’m glad I asked for the sauce separately – it was SO heavy and I thought the ravioli were much better without the greasy topping.

The waitress spooned one drizzle over the top when she boxed up my leftovers, but I ended up wiping it off when I ate them for leftovers this afternoon.

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The filling was incredible – very mellow but flavorful – and I’m dying to do up a version at home.

Does anyone have a favorite ravioli recipe to share with me?

How comfortable do you feel asking for alterations on meals at restaurants? I say if it’s something simple like omitting an ingredient or serving sauce/dressing/toppings on the side, it’s not a huge deal, but if I find that I’m looking at reworking an entire dish…I’d rather go with another entree entirely.


5 Comments on “Hold the Sauce”

  1. What I like to do when I know I”m requesting a change is to have a backup entree that I will make no changes to. That way if I can tell they are getting huffy I can immediately say, “ok, I’ll just have XYZ (no subs/changes)” and then I’m seen as an easier diner 😉

  2. I am the same as you about asking for alterations … if it was something simple like dressing on the side, then I think it is okay. Other than that, I never ask for alterations.

  3. Ugh I just had an experience at a restaurant a few weeks ago where I asked for certain alterations and got it without. I felt SO uncomfortable asking them to take it back, I didn’t want to be THAT girl! :/ But the whole thing was doused in sauce and veggies were swimming in butter-I couldn’t do it! So I asked nicely and luckily they brought out a new meal for me!

  4. I agree with you – I am comfortable with asking for modifications if it’s not too elaborate:)

  5. I hate asking for modifications…because I usually have more than one… (no cheese, sauce on side…). I feel so high-maintenance! It sounds like it worked out well for you though. I am pretty timid and seem to have bad luck with stuff like that- but then again, I live in a small-town where nobody seems to know what a vegetarian is, so that may be part of the problem!
    And mushroom rav sounds awesome! I just-seriously-JUST started eating mushrooms and I love em so far!
    OMG OMG I just got your comment as I’m leaving this one…

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