Project Enthusiasm

Good morning guys! Are y’all getting warmed up – or cooled off, rather – to the time change? I don’t care whether it’s light outside or not – I’m still beelining for the coffee as soon as my feet hit the floor!

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I’m telling you, freshly ground is the way to go! If nothing else, the aroma that the beans give off when you whirl them through the grinder is a nice jump start to the day, and I’m really going to need the extra jolt in the morning, since the time change is forcing me to start moving my workouts to the morning. This chica has seen one too many episodes of Criminal Minds to run alone at night, thank you very much. I suppose running is going to make a morning person out of me yet!

Project Enthusiasm

Letting go of college has been a huge adjustment – one that’s brought about a lot of stress and unhappiness. During the summer I had a job that I loved that brought me incredible opportunities and friendships, but once I had to leave, things started to go downhill.

I’ve been struggling a lot in really getting excited about anything that I have on my plate. I know life is more than fun and games, but it seems like I jumped from the best four years of my life straight into the lousy 9-5 grind of a career I don’t even have a passion for.

Suffice it to say, I’m not exactly bounding out of bed in the mornings. I distinctly remember a co-worker at my old job once telling me that I had a way of lighting up a room when I walked into it, but lately, I don’t feel like I’m that woman. In fact, I know I’m not. I’m starving for motivation and unfortunately, that’s taking its toll on every aspect of my life.

Yesterday when I came across a flier in the teachers’ resource room that offered ten commandments for an enthusiastic team, I decided that for the next ten days, I’ll be blogging one of the “commandments” and inviting each of you to join me in making it a focus of your day as well. I’m excited to see just how effective they are and what you all think of them.

Commandment One: Help Each Other be Right, not Wrong.

We all know a Negative Nelly. I’ve written before about people that are seemingly impossible to please and how to beat the negative effects they have on our own mentality…but what happens if we’re the one constantly downing everyone else?

Sometimes the complaints and nagging slip out without even recognizing it. “You never listen when I need you to.” “You never help out around the house”. “You don’t apply yourself”. Naturally, there is a time and place to voice concerns and constructive criticism, but when we’re more focused on the things others do that drive us crazy, we’re also more likely to brood on how it upsets us.

On occasion, seeing others fail can give us a temporary ego boost – I’ll call it middle school bully syndrome. In comparison to someone else’s failures, we appear stronger, smarter, prettier, more dedicated, more talented…you get the picture.

Assuming we’ve all matured at least a fraction of a degree since twelve years old, we know that there’s no benefit in cutting others down or stealing their thunder. The temporary satisfaction of “I told you so” vanishes as soon as the words register in the recipient’s mind.

In the long run, does anyone else’s wrongness make us any more night?

Not a chance.

Now just for a second, list off the people in your life that you couldn’t live without. I’ll go ahead and guess that they’re the ones that always cheer you on regardless of how likely you are to lose.

I want to be the person in others’ lives that they want to turn to when they have something to share. Yes, that implies celebrating the good, but it also means helping smooth over the bad. When we have opportunities to support and congratulate, the excitement over the successes will certainly boost our own mindset.

What does “helping each other be right instead of wrong” mean to you? How can this build your own enthusiasm?


7 Comments on “Project Enthusiasm”

  1. I hear you on motivation lately. The fall is a time when I think our motivation naturally dips but I have been fighting against this for all it’s worth.
    The only advice I can give you is to try to incorporate something motivational into each day. For me, sometimes this is blogging or blog reading, sometimes exercise, sometimes reading fitness magazines, sometimes even looking back over my past career and personal accomplishments. Cheesy, I know, but it’s helped light a little fire under my ass these days when all I really seem to want to do is curl up and watch bad tv!

  2. I really struggled after graduating college. When fall hit right afterwards, I would say I was almost a bit depressed. I missed college so much and I didn’t want to face the real world. Just wanted to say that you are not alone in that thinking – sometimes I do miss it, but I also now enjoy being able to make money and work toward career goals.

    Which is my advice to you: work towards some kind of goal. Whether it be career related or personal or even fitness it might help. When in college, we have a clear goal: graduating. For me, it was losing a clear goal that through me out of sorts.

    Srryo to get all counselor on you (I am a counselor at heart!), but just wanted to say what worked for me!

    Looking forward to reading more commandments!

  3. Sarah says:

    Faith, I think I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. People used to call me a “breath of fresh air,” and now I just don’t know if I’m that girl any more- and I really want to be her again!
    I really like this idea for posts.
    I’ve been debating whether I should just quit my blog for awhile because all I seem to churn out is lackluster material, but you see to have figured out how to turn a difficult time into something good around here. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  4. Paige says:

    What a great rule! I try to do the task at hand 100% and enthusiasticly but sometimes it’s so hard!

  5. Leaving college is tough. I would definitely say my first six months of living in LA were transition time/getting my shit together and I didn’t really accomplish much, make many friends, or feel much happiness. Ehh.

    As for helping people be right instead of wrong – this really makes me think of improv. Improv goes great when people are working together with a “yes, and” mentality – one person starts a joke or situation and the other people run with it. Bad improv is when one actor tries to force the direction of the skit or block other people’s jokes – “You love me? What are you talking about? I don’t even know you!”

  6. Helping each other be right, not wrong means a lot to me as a teacher. I think that it is more beneficial to comment on the good things my students are doing instead of the bad.

  7. Krista says:

    Great mantra. Help others be right, not wrong. I think that by not degrading ourselves to the high school “cattiness” mentality, we ensure that we are bigger people, someone we can be proud of. Looking down on someone is not a mature move and doesn’t get ya anywhere….

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