Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!

Those are the only four words I know from that song, but that doesn’t stop me from singing them (loudly!) when Italian food is on the brain, as it was last night.

It’s a wonder my forever roomie still likes me.

Or at least pretends to.

I do occasionally feed her, so I’m going to bet that she does. I fully vouch that the way to any college student’s heart is through their stomach.

I also give her countless things to mock and photograph for blackmail purposes…

blog 1552 

Like a few goofy-ass attempts at an epic pizza toss that almost resulted in eating the dough from the ceiling and the floor. Simultaneously. Please don’t ask.

For the record, regardless of what the photo implies, I do have a foot at the end of each leg. I feel as though that needed clarification. Now that that’s off my chest…

Shall we move on to the things you actually wanted to hear and read about when you clicked to my blog this evening?

blog 1570

Ahh, there we go!

blog 1569 

For a first stab at making a pizza entirely from scratch, I’m pretty pleased!

blog 1546

The dough (we followed this recipe) was a little thicker than I’d have liked, but I’m sure that could have been avoided if we’d rolled the dough out a bit thinner. Since my round pan went MIA, we ended up filling a deep cookie sheet with the dough, and I think we filled it a bit too generously.

See, I never have that problem with brownie batter. In fact, quite the opposite – I usually eat so much straight from the bowl that I can hardly cover the pan!

But back to the pizza…

blog 1565

Her side: light sauce, double cheese.

My side: heavy sauce, just a sprinkling of mozzarella, ricotta, fresh roasted garlic, spinach, and basil.

I’m not entirely sure what this says about our personalities. Remember forever ago on The Bachelor when one of the contestants theorized that you could tell a man’s personality from his hot dog toppings? I wonder if the same goes for pizza.

Good gracious I’m having a hard time staying on topic right now!

I think I should just shut up and have another slice.

blog 1568

Or two.

blog 1567

Tonight before the gym I’m test driving a few variations of a dessert I’m hoping to bring to our school’s Thanksgiving potluck next week…hopefully in the morning I’ll have a frontrunning recipe to share with you all!

In the meantime, I’ll give you a hint…it involves a quintessential Thanksgiving food and reworks it with a little white magic to satisfy any sweet tooth…Hit me with your best guesses! If anyone can figure it out by tomorrow at 8 AM, I’ll send you a batch once I’ve perfected the recipe!


6 Comments on “Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!”

  1. The pizza looks like it came out perfect! I love the contrast in toppings, haha 😛
    Man, you’ve got me stumped with your dessert, too! The only dessert I ca think of that is quintessential T-givs food is pumpkin pie, but I don’t think you’d offer to mail that 😛 I’ll go with…pumpkin blondies with powdered sugar!

  2. Wow that looks amazing! I’m not going to lie.. I am totally freaked out by the thought of making my own pizza. It has nothing to do with calories or anything.. it just looks so difficult!

    As for the baking… shortbread cookies!?

  3. Oh , I love guessing games! Is it something with cranberries? And “white magic”… hmmm, white chocolate, perhaps?
    By the way, that pizza looks very professional! I would take a slice from your side, actually! I’m not a big fan of cheese and I love spinach 🙂

  4. Weighting For 50 says:

    The pizza looks amazing! Maybe you can fed ex delivery up here to Canada!! 🙂

  5. kbwood says:

    wow YUMMM! always wanted to do this!!! this looks awesome!

  6. You are adorable 🙂

    The pizza looks picture perfect.

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