Girl on a mission

Since Monday night, I’d been fantasizing about an empty agenda and sleeping in. It seemed like Saturday would never get here…but alas, it did!

It always does.

Thank GOD!

Shall we celebrate with a Green Monster?


Cheers to the weekend!

Even though I refused to write a to-do list for myself, I’m planning to hit up a few yard sales and thrift stores in hopes of scoring some unique new cookware. I’m all about the cheap thrills, baby!

Project Enthusiasm

Commandment Five: Speak positively about each other and your organization at every opportunity.

You mean trash talk isn’t going to build a sense of community, excitement, and enthusiasm? Color me shocked!

Rather than expound on a fairly self-explanatory principle, I’d rather just do it!

I love my job because…

  • When I’m having a bad day and need a hug, I have a classroom of munchkins who would be perfectly happy to plop onto my lap and cuddle for hours.
  • Naptime is flat out awesome. I can read, bust out a couple situps or a few yoga poses (yeah, it’s happened!), or get in some good blog writing time!
  • I have an awesome vegetarian coworker who introduces me to some terrific goodies like primal jerky.
  • The kidlets never cease to make me laugh with quotes like “mommy told me not to eat my boogers because then a booger tree will grow in my belly” and “I don’t want to sit down, I want to fart in your face!”
  • It’s a job!

YOUR TURN! What do you love about your job (or any other situation that you have a tendency to dislike?)


7 Comments on “Girl on a mission”

  1. Weighting For 50 says:

    Hmm…can’t say I love much about my job, but I love that I’m gainfully employed in this economy, that I work with some great people and that it will lead to something more meaningful when things turn around. BTW…hope to see pics of your unique cookware finds! LOVE finding finds!!!!!

  2. Even though my students are older than yours, they still say ridiculous things and make me laugh every day. I feel so lucky to love my job!

  3. Camille says:

    Right now, school is my job, and I love it! (I really do though)
    I love how privileged I am to get able to learn all these fascinating things! I’m a dork for school 🙂

  4. My job challenges me each and every day. There are so many things that I could complain about, but instead, I am thankful that I have it. I have ample vacation time and get paid enough so I that am able to fly back East to visit my family often, that’s probably the best benefit for me.

  5. Well, I don’t have a job now..but my latest job was as a waitress and I loved it for the other waitresses (they were cool), the awesome kitcehn staff, and finding little “treasures” (aka tips) in the bill books. Oh, and getting to chat with the patrons! While some of them were quite rude, there were tons of great ones as well.

  6. I love my job because it allows me to interact with people, be creative, and I have huge amounts of flexibility in what I do, and how I do it. I also love the hours and time off that I get.

  7. Sarah says:

    Things I love about my job:
    – I am employed. Which means that money is not tight right now.
    -I am learning a lot. About human relations, about trusting God, about living life and not wishing away time…
    -I get to be a part of lightbulb moments.
    -There is a gym on campus I can use for free. (It is small, but does house some quality equipment.)
    -The library is right across the street.

    Great post…and well-timed, as I’ll be returning to work bright and early tomorrow morning!

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