There’s Always a Silver Lining

Good morning everyone! So long, Saturday, hello Football Sunday!

As per usual, I grabbed for my coffeemaker first thing in the morning, but this morning, instead of finding my happy little hazelnut-stained contraption, I got a handful of…ceramic?

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In my sleepy stupor, I forgot that I rearranged a few things on the counters last night to make room for my new purchases!

I’ve always loved canister-style storage, and I came across this set of four for only $7 yesterday!

Project Enthusiasm

Commandment Six: Maintain a positive mental attitude no matter the circumstances.

It sounds so simple and rational – be positive and you’ll be enthusiastic. However, even my three years as a cheerleader didn’t leave me perky enough to be bubbling over with joy every second of every minute. When the going gets rough, I wallow. With chocolate. And crappy movies. I personally think it’s healthier to embrace being upset than sweeping it under the rug in order to maintain an appearance of constant happiness.

That said…

I firmly believe that there’s a silver lining in every situation. Even if the lining is nothing more than a lesson to be learned or a life experience to be built upon, there’s going to be some good in every situation if you learn to look for it. In recognizing even the smallest up side, a wretched seeming moment can instantly be turned around.

While I don’t believe it’s healthy to ignore things that are bothering us, by turning our focus from what irritates or annoys us to the little blessings that are abundantly placed in our lives, we can adjust our mentality to be excited about any situation.

Case in point?

Thinking back to May, I was less than thrilled to be working 8+ hours a day chasing loud, smart-mouthed, screaming kids around theme parks, roller rinks, and flea markets. The sticky, humid Florida weather and the ugly, oversized t-shirts weren’t my idea of a stellar summer.

Every day, however, in the interest of impressing whoever asked how my day went, I made myself put a positive spin on things. Instead of griping about being stuck at a skating rink, I remarked how lucky I was to be getting paid to play like a five year old again and skip around to Lady Gaga.

Over time, I really began believing the things I was saying. I started to look forward to going in to work, teaching sports to my boys and helping my girls through their first crushes, and just smothering the little kidlets with love. In hardly any time, I was in love with my job. Once I opened myself up to the great opportunities I was getting, I was bouncing out of bed and excited to see what each day was going to bring. Instead of just surviving each day, I was honestly embracing them. Nothing about my job had changed – it was the way I was approaching it!

Have you found yourself changing the way you looked at a situation and becoming more enthusiastic as a result? Is there an area that you currently could benefit from digging for a silver lining in?


4 Comments on “There’s Always a Silver Lining”

  1. greensandjeans says:

    I can be the queen of getting bogged down into the details, but I always always do my best to see the bright side in any crappy situation. My boyfriend will look at me like a crazy person because one moment I’ll be crying and freaking out and the next moment I’ll be totally normal. I always give myself a little bit of time to be upset, but then it’s time to move on!

  2. Kelsey says:

    YES! this is the same way for me and yoga..and yoga training. my whole perspective of the idea of working and having a career changed when i faced my fears and hopped into a course that i thought i wouldnt like. its amazing how things shift and ur perspective changes!! ❤

  3. Sarah says:

    The old “fake it til you make it” trick. You know, so often I think I should be honest when people ask me questions about situations I’m not particularly crazy about…but I’m liking the idea of putting a positive spin on things:-).

  4. I changed the way I look at going to work, and I no longer wish away the week in hopes of the weekend. I try to enjoy each day.

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