Friday afternoon, my boss gave me the option of leaving work early. I usually stick around for the extra hours, but yesterday, my brain was focused on one thing.

Get out.

I cleaned and clocked out faster than the Roadrunner on crack, grabbed my purse, and high-tailed it out of the preschool…and out of my city.

When I get overwhelmed and I have too much on my plate that’s bothering me, instead of processing it, I run from it. I know I’m at my max point when I jump in my car, blast the radio as high as it will go, and hit the interstate without a set destination in mind. I get a lot of therapeutic benefit from turning off my phone, losing myself in music, and letting myself shut down for a few precious hours of absolute solitude. It’s always hard for me to pinpoint exactly what’s bothering me, but I find when I get out, even just for a few hours, I can deal with whatever I’m upset about in the process.

I don’t mind this little habit – It’s led to some fun solo explorations and it’s incredibly effective at helping me decompress. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads me to sitting in deadlocked Friday night interstate traffic. What’s a girl to do after sitting in the exact same spot for 7 minutes?

blog 1644

Take embarrassing photos of fist-pumping to Hollaback Girl, then share said embarrassing photographs on the blog in the middle of a semi-serious post about skipping town.

I pulled off into Tampa, remembering that they had a Whole Foods and I had nobody along to drag me out of the store after two hours of oohing and aahing over cage-free eggs and organic cereals 🙂

blog 1647

I snagged a quick plate from the hot bar to bring back for today’s lunch:

blog 1653

Garlic cilantro tofu (AMAZING!), dolmades, hummus, a Mediterranean veggie salad, and edamame.

blog 1654

True to form, I shopped, sang so loudly that calling it screaming would be more appropriate, wove in and out of traffic…and wound up back home at midnight exhausted but with a much clearer head.

Do you have a default coping mechanism for when things get tough or overwhelming?


5 Comments on “Bailed”

  1. I love my precious car time. My commute is 20 minutes and at least one of those is chatting on the phone with my mom, so I take the other to listen to music and let my thoughts wonder.

    When I lived in Virginia, I used to drive the back roads (which are difficult to get to around here) and see where I end up. Loved it.

    Hope it helped you!

  2. OliePants says:

    I listen to music – alot of it! And then I get out – whether its walking or running or just driving. I just do something else.

    PS – Good choice on bailing! 🙂

  3. Savvy says:

    I could easily spent 2 hours in Whole Foods – I was about to say that I wished we lived near each other, but then I feel like they’d never be able to get us out of the store!! 😉
    I go for runs to cope. It really helps to turn my frustration/stress/angst into movement. I let my muscles handle the madness and then when I’m back home I cleanse the rest of it away with a cool shower. Works for me!

  4. You are hilarious – I love that pic!

  5. Krista says:

    Getting out of the situation is key. Whether its a walk or a drive….some time alone usually cheers me up!

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