Grumpy Bunny needs a smoothie, stat.

I’m a little bit of major grumpy bunny this morning.

Sleeping on the floor huddled in the only clean blanket you own will do that to you.

blog 1660 

Why, you might be asking, did I crash on the carpet instead of my soft, fluffy pillowtop Serta?

I wasn’t reliving a university-style night when my social life was packed and a trip to the Laundromat was long overdue. Unfortunately, I was employing my only alternative to sleeping in a giant puddle of cat piss.

Yes, dear readers, my roommate’s cats weaseled into my room while we were out of town and decided that my jersey sheets were a more suitable place to relieve themselves than their litter box.

How @#&$!?%# charming.

I may or may not have considered certain alternate liquid mix-ins with my breakfast.

blog 1654

Frozen banana, frozen mango, coconut milk, and a spoonful of flax seed made the simplest tropical smoothie ever, which I paired with a little slice of a peanut butter oatmeal bar (recipe tomorrow!)

A cheery glass was a must!

blog 1658

I snagged this adorable zombie glass for thirty cents at a thrift store this weekend. In fact, for a whopping total of two dollars, I brought home the zombie glass, a goblet, a set of two cookie plates, and a set of four shallow bowls. I’m assembling quite the collection of mismatched serving ware in the name of the blog!

If today’s not a day I need could use a post from Project Enthusiasm, I don’t know what is.

Project Enthusiasm

Commandment Ten: NEVER GIVE UP!

I can tell I’m going to be using a lot of football analogies for this PE commandment…brace yourself!

Nothing is ever as hopeless as it seems.

When your team is down by two touchdowns and your rookie quarterback insists on making stupid plays…don’t give up.

When your wide receivers drop pass after pass and your running backs trip over a particularly sharp blade of grass…don’t give up.

Even on a third-and-long situation, there’s a way to move the chains. There may be trick plays and Hail Mary passes involved, but even for the worst team in the league, there’s a sliver of possibility.

That’s one reason I love football: you can plan and scheme as much as you want, but even a dreadful team can beat a Superbowl contender if they play with heart.

The same concept applies in any situation. Probability, for all it’s predictive abilities, can always be disproven. A slim chance is still a chance, regardless of how unlikely it is.

Throwing in the towel is a tough spot is always going to seem easier. Even the most uncreative brain can develop a dozen reasons to quit or expect the worst. It takes great gusto and vision, however, to visualize an outcome and embrace the rocky road that may lead to it. Sticking with your game plan is equally challenging – there’s so much that can never be anticipated and will upend everything you planned on, but standing behind your choices when your world is being rocked is crucial.

You simply can’t give up.

You have to trust that things will play out for the better.

You have to believe that you’ll make it through any situation and emerge smarter, stronger, and happier.

You have to know that all will be okay.

Sometimes you just have to go ahead with the Hail Mary and go full steam ahead for the end zone, regardless of what your particular end zone may be.

What do you do when you want to give up? What can you power through today?


13 Comments on “Grumpy Bunny needs a smoothie, stat.”

  1. Now that’s a glass! It’s huge – awesome.

    When I’m wanting to give up I think about why I’m really doing something. If it’s worth it I charge on, if not then well I either give up or modify.

  2. UGH! Your poor bed! Who knows why cats decide to be so naughty?! I wouldn’t even know how to start cleaning up that mess, new mattress?

  3. Yeesh.. I am so sorry about the bed! That must have been an awful surprise… but you can’t say it didn’t make a great story 😉

    I love the PE for today! Especially the quote: “Even the most uncreative brain can develop a dozen reasons to quit or expect the worst.”.. because sometimes I need to remind myself that the most worthwhile things are the hardest to get to!

  4. Oh no! Bummer about what the kitty cats left you =( But I’m sure they didn’t mean it!

    Hope your day turns around!

  5. Weighting For 50 says:

    Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about the bed issue. Ug!!! I like the Project Enthusiasm post though! Hang in there!

  6. Oh that’s just horrible!! You poor thing 😦 Damn cat…

  7. i sure needed some power to get through the day.. after such a nice break it was more than difficult! i love the sounds of these peanut butter oatmeal bars!

  8. So sorry about the bed!!! My cat did that once, too….

  9. Katy says:

    That sucks about the bed! Cat’s can be so annoying sometimes!

    I can’t wait to see the recipe for these PB oatmeal bars! They look delicious! 🙂

    Whenever I want to give up, I tell myself that I am too strong to give up! 🙂

  10. Oh no!!! Cat pee is the worst! The smell is just horrendous. Sorry to hear about that! When I want to give up, it’s pretty simple … I just don’t.

  11. I think that at first if I want to give up on something, I let myself believe it, but then eventually, my inner self pushes through and i just persevere !

  12. Krista says:

    Cat piss….you’ll never get that out. Grrr!

  13. ihearteggs says:

    I think I would kill my cat if he ever did that.

    I cant wait for that recipe tomorrow!

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