Giving Mornings a Second Chance Giveaway

All through high school and university, I considered myself a night owl, living by the Red Bull slogan “nobody ever wishes they got more sleep in college”. I slept until the last possible moment and stayed up until I was essentially propping my eyes open with toothpicks, but recently I’ve been sliding to the other end of the spectrum.

Not only do I feel more productive before my students zap all of my energy, but it’s wonderful to have a relaxed, leisurely start to the day.

While I’m quite capable of going from sopping wet from a shower to out the door in ten minutes flat, it’s much more relaxing to ease my way into the day by savoring breakfast with some steaming coffee, browsing Google reader, and choosing an outfit that exudes a bit more finesse than yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve thrown quite a few alarm clocks in my day – but tell me you wouldn’t scuttle out of bed too if you had sweet rolls you made from scratch waiting in your kitchen.

blog 1699

Feather-light, slightly sinful, orange-zested sweet rolls can bribe me away from my blankets like no other.

blog 1700

They were by far my most successful attempt at proofing yeast yet – thanks, Angela, for the oh-so-helpful blow-by-blow!

I used her recipe for the dough, but I went for a more traditional cinnamon and sugar butter filling, along with the zest of some locally grown oranges.

By locally grown, I mean straight out of my mother’s back yard 🙂

The batch turned out huge, and even after sending my forever roomie home with eight of her own, and freezing two more for myself, I still have a dozen left to bring to work for my coworkers.  They turned out so well  that it would be a crime to keep them to myself!

blog 1705

Need another reason to head towards the kitchen with a goofy lovestruck grin on your face? How about some free breakfast?

Chobani – my favorite brand of Greek yogurt – has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway for Lovely as Charged readers! One lucky reader can snag six coupons for free six- ounce cups of the creamy, protein and calcium packed goodness, and you have three ways to enter that don’t require a lazy morning to complete!

  • “Like” Chobani on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so (if you already are a fan, mention that instead!)
  • Leave a comment with your dream yogurt flavor. I won’t lie, I’d totally be game for an orange cinnamon roll cup 😉
  • If you have a blog, link back to this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so!

You have until December 7th to enter! I’ll pick a winner at random and you can be on your merry Chobani-chomping way!

And now, work beckons, to be followed with my first crack at this year’s Christmas shopping. See you all later!


23 Comments on “Giving Mornings a Second Chance Giveaway”

  1. Wow… those look awesome! I recently attempted yeast for the second time ever in my life, on a batch of regular bread, and it was a total fail. Yeast doesn’t like me 😦

  2. I’m a Chobani fan on FB, and I’ve linked to the giveaway on my blog!!!!
    My dream yogurt flavor would be strawberry yogurt w/ chocolate on the bottom!!!!!

  3. Weighting For 50 says:

    Wow…those look DELISH!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    First of all, Faith, those rolls look mouth-watering. Second, um..this may sound strange, but I’d love a butternut squash-and-cinnamon yogurt. I just might be obsessed with that particular squash and that particular seasoning right now:-).

  5. Katy says:

    Those rolls look DELICIOUS. I am jealous as I sit here eating my COLD yogurt on this freezing morning. 😉

    I liked Chobani on the good ol’ FB!

    This may sound weird (or maybe gross) but I would like a Christmasy yogurt. Like a hot chocolate flavored or a white chocolate peppermint.

    And finally, I will be linking back to your giveaway in my post on my blog later today. 😉

    Have a great day! 🙂

  6. brandi says:

    that roll! it looks perfect 🙂

    I’d love to have a GOOD coconut-pineapple yogurt.

  7. brandi says:

    i like them on FB!

  8. I know it sounds so simple, but a Vanilla Bean flavor is right up my alley. Mmmm 🙂

  9. Jeannette says:

    my dream yogurt flavor is peppermint cheesecake that actually tastes like cheesecake… not like some splenda laden milk weirdness. oh what it is to dream.

  10. ihearteggs says:

    I think my perfect flavor would be maple cinnamon!

  11. Cinnamon! I sometimes take a little ziplock of cinnamon with me to work to put in my yogurt. which i’m pretty sure is awkward but i can’t help it-I love it!

    Also, my family has orange rolls EVERY year on christmas morning. Yours look perfect!

  12. […] Faith is also having a Chobani Greek Yogurt Giveaway! Go here to […]

  13. squigglefloey says:

    Hmm I would like to see some yummy mocha chocolate yogurt! Those rolls look DELISH 🙂

  14. Kayla says:

    Awesome giveaway, I LOOOVE Chobani! We always buy the variety pack of flavors at Sam’s Club and it always goes so fast!

    My dream flavor is key lime pie!

  15. Katy says:

    I posted a link to this giveaway on my blog! 🙂

  16. Christine says:

    Banana bread flavor!

  17. Emily N. says:

    I already like Chobani on Facebook

  18. Emily N. says:

    I would love a combination raspberry pomegranate flavor or anything with apricot.

  19. Sara says:

    Oh Chobani 🙂 dream flavor? how about..dark chocolate mint? or maybe pumpkin spice!

  20. Cool giveaway – Can Canadians enter?

  21. I hope I’m not too late to enter! I love Chobani yogurt. My favorite flavor would be pumpkin cinnamon chocolate chip. It’s the flavor I make myself all the time, anyway. 🙂

    Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!!

  22. Marie says:

    These rolls look amaaaazing. I’ve been dying to try some but I’ll wait until I visit my family for Christmas. I agree– some things need to be shared! I love the orange addition, I’ll have to steal that idea!

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