Next Big Workout

I’m sore; gloriously, gloriously sore.

You know, that sore that hurts so good after an epic workout? That sore that makes you wince but makes you smile every time you lower yourself into a chair or lift anything heavier than the t.v. remote? Yup, I’m that sort of sore.

The maintenance man was the only soul in the building when I arrived…

blog 1536

Naturally, I documented my dorkiness (and my mad balance ball skillz) before a few stretches to get in the zone.

Having the gym to myself was pretty much the best thing I could have asked for – I’m always afraid that I’ll use a machine wrong and look like an absolute moron, so being the only person there was the perfect opportunity to jump in, learn the moves, and test the various settings to best suit my (newbie) ability level! Not having to wait for/readjust machines between sets rocked too 😀

Machine/Move Weight # of Reps (x3 sets of each)
Horizontal Leg Curl 50 15
Leg Extension 50 15
Seated Leg Press 90 15
Lat Pull Down 40 15
Shoulder Press 10 15
Seated Row 20 15
Chest Press 20 15
Chest Fly 30 15
Captain’s Chair N/A 15

I followed that up with a 5 minute warmup and then a 5k run:

Distance Incline Speed
.25 mile 5% 3.5 mph
1 mile 2% 5 mph
1 mile 1% 5.4 mph
1 mile 0% 6.0 mph
.10 mile 0% 7.5 mph

Negative splits – hells yes!

Faith’s Best of Next Big Thing 2010 Playlist

iTunes 12122010 84813 PM.bmp

With a perfect alternative rock playlist to sing along with, it’s no wonder I was able to bust out such an inclusive workout! After last weekend’s trip to Next Big Thing, I downloaded a ridiculous amount of new music and have been rocking out nonstop to my faves from the NBT artists!

iTunes 12122010 85222 PM.bmp

Prepare to have your world rocked.

iTunes 12122010 85304 PM.bmp

Let the downloading and the sweating commence!


7 Comments on “Next Big Workout”

  1. I love to workout at home so no one can see that I look like a huge dork.

    Congrats on your awesome workout!

  2. That sounds like a rockin’ workout! …with a rockin’ playlist to boot. 🙂 I always love it when no one’s in the weight room. Like you said, i’m always afraid people are going to think I”m an idiot when I don’t know how to immediately work some of those odd-looking machines.

  3. woah! thats an AWESOME workout! I need to switch things up !

  4. Wow!! Awesome workout!!! Thanks!!!!

  5. I love being one of the few people at the gym. I hate feeling like everyone is looking at me!

  6. ihearteggs says:

    Sounds like a great workout! I love having the gym to myself!

  7. I love that after-a-big-workout sore feeling 🙂

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