Because I Can

When I was still working with my older students, their beady little eyes always zoned in on the (lab-created) diamond cluster ring that I wear on my right hand.

“Ms. Faith, are you MARRIED?” they asked incredulously (as though the idea of someone actually marrying their roller skating, rope ladder-climbing, detention-assigning teacher was absolutely absurd.)

Telling them that no, I bought the ring for myself, their eyes bugged out even further.


“Just because I can – I didn’t need a reason.”

That seems to have been my motto yesterday:

I bought myself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (because I could).

blog 1878


They do wonders to boost my mood every time I walk in the front door!

I assembled the most delicious sandwich on earth and enjoyed it so much I made the same thing for dinner (because I could, but don’t tell me that if you had mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, and pesto lying around you wouldn’t do the same!)

blog 1872

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I kicked up the treadmill to a sub-9 minute mile (because I could; oh how sweet it was to be able to, even for only 1.5 miles!)

Tonight, I’m bidding my forever roomie a safe trip back to her home state with some pizza and meeting a few friends at our local arcade. Surely it’s normal for a group of twenty-somethings to take out the frustrations of the day on an air hockey table and a whack-a-mole machine, right?

It doesn’t matter – we’re doing it anyways…because we can!


11 Comments on “Because I Can”

  1. That sandwich does look amazing.. so I don’t blame you. Especially the bread. Oh how I need to buy myself some seedy bread like that!

  2. Who doesn’t love a good wack-a-mole game? People who hate happiness, that’s who…hope you enjoy your arcade outing tonight! Sounds like good fun, in my book. 🙂

  3. Simply Life says:

    Oh those flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Katy says:

    Those flowers are gorgeous and that sandwich looks divine! 🙂 Yummy!

  5. Hahahaha!!!! That sandwich looks yummy!! What kind of bread is that????

  6. I love right hand rings! I wear a monogram one from my mom paired with silver band that my dad made me from a silver dime.

  7. Savvy says:

    This was a beautiful post ❤ I totally relate to it.
    I have a right-hand ring that I bought myself as a reward for the very end of finals. I just love it, and it was so special to be "gifting myself" with something so special after a very trying period.

  8. ihearteggs says:

    I love doing little things like that for myself just becuase… When someone asked me once why I bought myself flowers i simply said “if I waited for a man to buy them for me, I’d be waiting a longggggggggg time” ahahaha

  9. Jenna's Journey says:

    great blog! can’t wait to read moreee! great photos btw!

  10. Beautiful flowers 🙂 I like to buy bouquets for myself sometimes too!

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