2011 is going to be the new 2010

In these past days leading up to the new year, most bloggers have been recapping their favorite parts of 2010 and outlining what they look forward to the most in 2011.

At first, I was frustrated. Why can’t we simply embrace the present moment and celebrate who we are in the here and now?

It dawned on me, however, that we are nothing without considering our pasts and have nothing to look forward to without considering our futures.

This year has changed me more than any other year of my (albeit young) life.

I squeezed in as many memories with friends as I could into my last semester of college.


I joined the blogging community:


I made a commitment to move beyond the vicious cycle of an eating disorder.

I earned my Bachelor’s of Arts in English and began the (excruciatingly hard) transition to the real world:


I became a vegetarian and took up yoga.

I went to D.C. and N.Y.C. through my summer job:


I learned important lessons, such as:

…it is not necessary, nor  is it advisable, to consume an entire pot of coffee at two A.M. I don’t care if you’re thirsty. I don’t care if it sounds good. I don’t care if it’s organic, fair trade, locally grown, brewed with the sparkling tears of virgin unicorns from Narnia. Put that shit down.

There were a few more serious life lessons and inspiring moments as well 😉

I met The Coach, who quickly became one of my dearest and most beloved friends:


I said goodbye to my forever roommate:


But I’m saying HELLO to the wonderful things 2011 is going to bring, the places it’s going to take me, and the woman it’s going to make me.

For today, though, I’m going to cherish the moment I have in my hands. Who knows if today could be a day that hugely influences the grand scheme of the upcoming year?


13 Comments on “2011 is going to be the new 2010”

  1. Sounds like quite a transitional year! Things for me have mellowed out these last couple of years as I’ve gotten older, into the workforce, etc. I quickly forget how different things used to feel.
    I hope you have a great 2011!

  2. wow you went through so much this year!! good for you for leaving your ED behind 🙂 you rock girl!

  3. Hope you have a 2011 that’s as great as 2010 was!!!!

  4. The thing about the coffee really made me laugh 😛 I hope you have a lovely new years 🙂 ❤

  5. What a great year! Can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for you! 🙂

  6. Gina says:

    Sounds like a wonderful 2010! Here’s to a happy & healthy new year 🙂

  7. Sarah says:

    Love your perspective.
    Hello to a New Year…and this very moment!

  8. wolfenstein says:

    happy new years!!!

  9. i remember that quote about the coffee!! you had me laughing out loud 🙂
    happy new year!

  10. You make an excellent point 🙂 I myself have been getting a little frustrated with all the reflections and resolutions.. but I guess that’s what the holiday is all about. We are nothing without the experiences that have shaped us into the people that we are today, right?

    Happy New Year!

  11. Weighting For 50 says:

    Love this post. This has been a real transition year for you. I’m sure the best is yet to come!! Happy New Year.

  12. what a great year for you! 2011 will be even better 🙂

  13. I love the title of your post 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!

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