Jamaican in a Jiffy

Yow Wah Gwaan!

I’m all about the ethnic food. Italian, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Indian…I’d be happy to eat my way across the globe. I’d be too stuffed to sightsee, but I’m pretty sure it’s a tradeoff I’d be able to make with an easy conscience.

Jamaican food is one that I’ve never had the opportunity to explore, so naturally, when I came across a promising rice and beans mix at the health food store, I immediately envisioned a warm, spicy lunch and a perfect way to use up an over-ripe plantain residing in my fruit basket.

blog 2095

blog 2106

I was impressed by the generous amount of beans and veggies in the mix upon opening the bag.

blog 2105

As the beans and rice simmered, I sliced and pan-fried the plantain into thin coins:

blog 2098

You know plantains are fully cooked when they turn a rich, saffron yellow. I love them with a slightly crispy outside to compliment the chewy center, though, so I left them on the burner a bit longer.

blog 2101

The plantains and the rice finished up around the same time. Ten minutes in the kitchen and then I get to stuff my face? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

blog 2109

The box attributed the slightly spicy, slightly sweet flavor combination to scotch bonnet chili and coconut milk.

blog 2114

As fond as I was of the phenomenal flavor combination, I was won over by the texture blend of the chewy rice and red beans, tender veggies, and soft plantains.

Off to yoga class and my last run of 2010!

What’s your favorite type of ethnic food?


10 Comments on “Jamaican in a Jiffy”

  1. Yummy!!!!!! That sounds sooo amazing! Where did you find that rice mix?

  2. Those plantains look sooo good.
    It is incredibly hard to choose a favorite “ethnic” food, but I’d have to say either Indian or Thai for the spices. Crap, now I’m super hungry just thinking about it. Probably no more work will now get done today…

  3. I’ve never tried plantains before because I had NO IDEA what to do with them 😛 Now I know! Thanks 🙂 I’ll have to give them a try.

  4. That looks so good! I’ve never had a plantain before, but that whole meal looks like something I would like and its easy to make!!
    Have a good day 🙂

  5. Gah! You need to cook for me sometime! Looks amazing! 🙂

  6. DANG that looks great! i have NEVER had anything Jamaican before!

  7. Weighting For 50 says:

    I LOVE plantains, but rarely make them. Happy New Year Faith, I know that this year will be a good one for you. (given yesterday’s post!!)

  8. I like that mix but I never thought to add a plaintain, what a good idea! I love plantains and I don’t eat them enough.

    I could never pick a favorite kind of ethnic food. I love them all!

  9. cbrady3 says:

    Mm that looks incredible! I LOVE plaintains but rarely eat them!
    I love all ethnic foods too, but my favorite might have to be…Indian? Or Japanese? Or Greek? Too hard to decide!!

  10. Mmmmm, I have never made Jamaican food before!!!

    My favourite type of ethnic cuisine is probably Korean, Afghan, or Indian. I also love Mexican!! I love all ethnic foods really – they have so much flavour.

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