Bring it on, 2011!

Goooood evening all!

The 2011 thing is finally sinking in. I didn’t make any pre-NYE resolutions, but I ended up making a very simple and very do-able one this morning:

I’m going to make 2011 my best year ever!

I am abundantly blessed and have so many opportunities within my grasp…I can’t wait to capitalize on them! If 2010 was a year of transitioning into the Real World, 2011 is going to be a year of exploring and discovering this wonderful world and all it has to offer.

After lounging around and enjoying an easy start to my morning as well as the glorious soreness from yesterday’s booty-kicking hot yoga class, I wandered downstairs in search of sustenance.


blog 2097


The sustenance came in the form of Bob’s Red Mill whole grain pancakes (can you believe I’ve never made a single pancake from scratch?!?!?) with pure maple syrup mixed with peanut butter and fresh strawberries.


blog 2098


Florida’s strawberry season is right around the corner. Sista is PSYCHED!

Well, darlings, I’m off to get pretty to go a football party with The Coach (what on earth are we going to do with ourselves once the season is over?!?!?!)

Here’s to embracing 2011 and all it has to offer with open arms and a happy heart.

What are you looking forward to the most about this year?


14 Comments on “Bring it on, 2011!”

  1. Your breakfast looks GREAT! 🙂

    I am looking forward to running, blogging, and continuing to make friends in the blogging community! 🙂

  2. julie says:

    those strawbs look AMAZING! so fresh and red 🙂 i wish they were in season around here and not a bagillion dollars haha

    i can feel it you’re gonna have an awesome 2011!!

  3. I’m looking forward to running more this year!

  4. I’m looking forward to running more this year!!!!!

  5. amanda says:

    happy to meet another fellow “i get lost all the time” foodie blogger!

    i love a good bowl of strawberries. there is something so summery about them.

    it seems to be a reoccurring event that people are going to make 2011 their best year! lets hope it all works out that way. {i have a good feeling it will…}

  6. Lisa says:

    Your breakfast looks super fab and yummy! I’ve never made pancakes from scratch either—they are perfectly fine with the mixes as far as I’m concerned 🙂

    Also….maple syrup mixed with peanut butter!! I can’t wait to try that.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  7. T’was definitely a great way to start off the year!
    You’re so right: Bring it on, 2011!
    Happy New Year 🙂

  8. I am looking forward to my sister’s wedding in August 🙂

  9. a perfect resolution for your new start! happy 2011!

  10. Meri says:

    As cliche as it is, I’m looking forward to a fresh start, a blank slate. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  11. I’m most looking forward to UNIVERSITY!
    I’m moving in like a day, and I am psyched!

  12. ahh i love pancakes i just made some actually for lunch!

  13. Faith says:

    Wishing you a very happy New Year, and I love your resolution! Mmm, your breakfast looks great!

  14. Jealous!! Strawberries are my total fav and they suck up here in Ohio until about May… total bummer!

    Love your resolution! I am looking forward to every part of this new year, living life and all that jazz 🙂

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