Bottomless Pit Syndrome

Hey, all! Hope you’re winding down from a fantastic weekend.

I’d spent all yesterday afternoon working on a new tofu dish to feature today, but instead, I’ve been nursing my tummy back to normalcy after a spontaneous evening downtown with The Coach.

Some hydration began with a simple banana and raspberry Chobani smoothie.


blog 2174

Thank God they sent me one of each flavor to try out – they’re perfect in smoothies!

Mid-afternoon, bottomless pit syndrome set in and I knew I was going to pull through!

blog 2156


Unfortunately, the Road’s End Organics Vegan Alfredo  was incredibly low on flavor and more reminiscent of glue than a creamy cheese sauce.

blog 2160

That’s not to say I didn’t eat two bowls.

It was there, it was warm, it was as close as I was going to come to comfort food…and it was vaguely edible after the addition of some pepper and garlic salt.

blog 2161

Luckily, Peace Cereal made up for it with Mango Passion Cereal. Again, two bowls seemed to be the recommended portion size 😉

Ignoring the fact that not a single veggie has crossed my lips today, I seem to be feeling like a functional human being again. At the risk of over-exerting myself, I think I’ll go catch up on your blogs and chill out in bed for the rest of the evening!


13 Comments on “Bottomless Pit Syndrome”

  1. Picky Nicky says:

    Hehee, I love the name “bottomless pit syndrome” I actually suffered from it today! Well, actually it’s not suffering if you get to eat delicious foods 🙂

  2. Hello, best friend. I thought I was the only one who suffered from BPS. So glad I’m not alone. Perhaps we should “suffer” together sometime 😉

  3. I feel like I suffer from that syndrome at least once a week! And sorry to hear the vegan mac n cheese didn’t taste all that great. But it looks somewhat edible at least? The cereal definitely makes up for it 🙂

    Now go rest up!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! I hate bottomless pit syndrome, though!

  5. i was a bottomless pit today soon! i did have some veggies, but they were supremely outnumbered! have a great start to your week!

  6. julie says:

    today was SUCH a BP day for me! i think it was because i lifted extra heavy today haha which i’m totally fine with 🙂 enjoy your relaxation girl!

  7. I love greek yogurt in a smoothie – sooo good! : )

  8. I’ve been a bottomless pit today as well….except I’ve eaten my weight in chocolate! =P

  9. Meri says:

    Oh god, I get “bottomless pit” syndrome every night before bed, and continue to stuff my face to fill the hole until bed. My boyfriend makes fun of me, but I can’t stand getting ready for bed and being even a little hungry!

  10. I have felt like a bottomless pit for weeks now! I could eat all day …

  11. Hey, BPS is a real disease. We should treat it just like any other potentially serious medical problem. *laughs* I definitely know the feeling… I think I’m a constant sufferer.

  12. ah i hate bottomless pit days!! i can never stop eating!

  13. I am well aware of the BPS. Cereal definitely tops my list of foods to try to fill the void!

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